Ole Miss is set to recover from its Tunsilectomy.

The NCAA sets a seven-game suspension for the gifted offensive tackle.  Yeah, there was the usual finding of accepting impermissible benefits, but the reason for the lengthier time period was because “the NCAA determined that Tunsil was not completely forthcoming with initial questioning by NCAA investigators”.  In other words, he lied.

Hope Freeze enjoys the few games Tunsil’s got left to give the program.  This isn’t a kid who’s coming back for his senior year.



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10 responses to “Ole Miss is set to recover from its Tunsilectomy.

  1. Athens Dog

    How is he not gone forever? In the Georgia way, we cooperate and get slightly smaller sentences. The rest of the SEC has figured out how to game the system…………………


  2. Spike

    Athens Dog is spot on. We cooperate and where does it get us?


  3. Merk

    Yeap, lie and hope you can get out with the price being that if you get caught you take a few extra games. How is this not enticing to big time players to just lie. I mean, missing 4 games can put a season down the drain, so gambling to have them for all games or lose them for 7 seems like a smart risk.


    • And the lie strategy worked for Auburn with Cam Newton.


      • Sh3rl0ck

        Lying had nothing to do with Cam not getting suspended by the NCAA / Auburn getting the hammer. The NCAA didn’t want to mess with the BCS MNC game. When Auburn announced that Cam was suspended pending an investigation, it was only a couple of hours later when the NCAA said nothing happened and that Cam could play in the MNC game. I highly doubt anyone from the NCAA talked to anyone at Auburn or MSU. When the NCAA refuses to investigate, you don’t even have to lie.


  4. Macallanlover

    NCAA is simply incompetent, I have no idea why the schools continue to tie themselves to this group. If they like the way they run basketball, stay with them for that sport, but cut the ties with them for football, get a national group of qualified officials, and have a commissioner who can act in a timely manner.


    • reipar

      Get a national group of qualified officials??? The SEC cannot even hire a group of qualified officials to referee football games and you think all five conferences can get together and hire a qualified group to over see college football?


  5. lakedawg

    Always wondered what he really got to go over there, whatever Freeze knew nothing about it.