Huntley Johnson never sleeps.

Oh, look.  Another Gator arrested.

Florida freshman defensive back Deiondre Porter has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest on four felony charges.

Porter, one of the team’s top special teams players, was arrested Wednesday on aggravated assault charges.

The Gators announced his suspension on Twitter, and coach Jim McElwain addressed it on the Southeastern Conference coaches call.

“He’s no longer with the football team,” McElwain said. “He’s suspended indefinitely for obviously a choice. It’s his choice not to be with us. I’m sure you’ll read about it soon enough. It’s one of those things that we don’t obviously condone. Like I said, it was his choice.”

That is some pretty tough language from his coach there.  Let’s see how tough things get if Johnson works his usual magic with the Gainesville judicial system.



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27 responses to “Huntley Johnson never sleeps.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Too bad, so sad. Hate if for the kid…blah, blah blah…does he play?


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    *DID he play


  3. ugadawgguy

    Yeah, nothing will come of this. He’ll be out there on kick and punt returns on Halloween.


  4. Today, a Gator was arrested. In related news, water is wet.


  5. JCDAWG83

    Four felony charges is a pretty big deal. He could be looking at missing a whole week of practice.


    • What Fresh Hell is This?

      Holy shit! He was still on the team and on the sideline for two games since the incident? McElwain and UF must be campaigning for him to get this years Hernandez trophy.


  6. Debby Balcer

    That is scary. Pretty serious charges.


  7. David K

    Jesus, an ex Texas A&M player murdered a random jogger with a machete because he was feeling angry.


  8. Spike

    Thug life. Allegedly.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    Arrests are up.

    Yet another sign the Gators are back.


  10. tludlam

    I’m not trying to say taking Ligandrol is anywhere in the same category as shooting into an occupied building, but I don’t understand the coachspeak here. How it is a “choice” to do the latter, but a “mistake” to do the former? Ligandrol is marketed to blow you up like a balloon without the acne or rage of roids, and the bottle itself has “SARM” in large letters on the front. SARMs are a category of substances conspicuously listed on the NCAA’s example list of banned anabolic agents. It’s not some obscure ingredient. “SARM” is emblazoned front and center on the bottle, not hidden in fine print on the back. For Grier to say the supplement he took “had ‘something’ in it” is complete and total horsepucky. Look at page 2, paragraph 2 here and the bottle <a href=”>here.


  11. tludlam

    Ran out of characters. Bottle image here.


  12. “don’t obviously condone.”

    He’s right, they very subtly condone it.


  13. South FL Dawg

    Every new coach talks like that. It’s like a teacher at the beginning of the school year setting the tone. We already know how this story goes though, if the coach thinks the offender can help him win games, he’ll be back on the team.


  14. Will (The Other One)

    I mean he’s not a starter, so watch Johnson let this one slip through (especially after that ESPN feature on Urbz’ teams) so Gator fans can claim some sort of improvement.


  15. Cousin Eddie

    He thinks she is “romantically involved” with a teammate, that has to be great locker room chemistry. How do they have this locker room chemistry and end up 6-0?


  16. Jack Klompus

    Gatahs gonna Gatah