The OBC, with time on his hands

This comes as no surprise.

How long do you figure it took the WWL to get the man on the phone after his resignation?


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19 responses to “The OBC, with time on his hands

  1. BosnianDawg

    Suddenly, I’m considering getting cable again just to watch this.


  2. Debby Balcer

    Should be interesting but will miss it since we will be in Athens.



    He’ll be perfect on that show.


  4. Spike

    Another reason not to watch.


  5. Russ

    Well, I guess I’ll have to start watching again.


  6. Me too Russ, I have not watched it in quite a while but this Saturday is must watch TV.


  7. Careful Brad

    It’s going to be a lot easier to take any “zingers” he sends our way, and of course he will if given an opportunity, when you always remember that this was a guy that quit when things got too difficult.


    • If you think about it, now that he’s gone, everything he said about us is true.
      And I think a 70 year old that has done what he has can walk whenever he pleases. I’d take him half drunk over every coach we’ve had since Vince.


  8. Does anyone think he’s actually going to prepare to provide insight on a game 3 time zones away? That’s taking away time from the driving range. If the WWL uses him right, he would be a great addition to break down offensive schemes. The guy knows offensive football even if he himself is offensive. 🙂

    I still think he would be a great addition to SEC Nation. He may even make it watchable since he knows the coaches, the players, and the schemes.


  9. Mike Cooley

    I didnt watch game day before. I sure as hell won’t watch it now.


  10. Macallanlover

    Will be much easier to take knowing that 52-20 taste will be in his mouth forever. Honestly believe if he thought he could get a W over UGA next year he would have delayed his decision just to not go out with the bad loss in Athens. Wonder if he will wear SC or FU colors?


  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    Heh, heh, heh….a former Georgia coach has been to the big house, and won. 🙂