You had one job to do last night, Auburn.

Fortunately, you did it, even if it wasn’t pretty.

Georgia has been disappointing, no doubt, but so has the neighborhood, with the glaring exception of Florida (and lest you forget, the Gators managed a whopping 14 points against a Kentucky defense that made Auburn’s offense look formidable at times last night).  If Georgia beats Missouri and Florida loses to LSU tomorrow, then the Cocktail Party has a good chance to be the setting that determines the East’s participant in the SECCG – unless you think Tennessee is ready to beat Alabama, that is.

The other good news from last night is that both teams have sieves for secondaries.  I don’t think Lambert’s gonna have the willies facing either defense.

The bad news is that both teams threw the ball fairly well.  Facing Georgia’s secondary, their quarterbacks aren’t gonna have the willies, either.



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22 responses to “You had one job to do last night, Auburn.

  1. Russ

    “The bad news is that both teams threw the ball fairly well.”

    That’s what stood out to me. I threw up a little in my mouth thinking about it.


  2. Crap… I just saw our next trap game and it ain’t UF or Aubarn it’s Kentucky. We’ll be ready to play the former two but will not be as ready for the Wildcats and it will cost us the chance to “backdoor” the SECCG. Maybe we can get on Kentucky blogs and get them to fire Stoops before we play them. Of course that assumes they’re not already shifted over to basketball. Just an idea,


  3. charlottedawg

    We are not winning the east this year and Mark Richt is never winning the sec again. I will be the first to call myself out if this prediction is wrong and would be ecstatic in that scenario. Sadly for us the chances of that are highly unlikely.


  4. For us, there is no good news.

    Hey, why aren’t we just running wildcat at this point?


  5. mikebozo

    What I saw is that Towles is a pretty damn good QB


  6. ASEF

    I’m beginning to think it’s just a crap year for the SEC. No one’s great. I’m even wondering who qualifies as very good. Certain teams are capable of it but only in flashes. Bama’s the closest, but they have O-line/QB issues that will cost them at least 1 more game (probably this weekend).


  7. sUGArdaddy

    It’s a strange year all around. I’m beginning to think that the uprising of Alabama and USC/Oregon over the last 10 years brought everyone up. Stanford has one loss but could win the Pac 12, even with another loss. Oregon and USC both have 2 losses but could easily beat some teams. The ACC looks terrible outside of Clemson.

    As bad as we’ve been, it’s entirely possible we win the East. And I just don’t think the West champion is undefeated. It’s a crazy year. Pac 12 and SEC champs could easily have 2 losses. I’d be willing to bet Big 10 champ has a loss and the Big 12 champ probably will. OUs loss is big, because they can beat Baylor and/or TCU.

    I’m reminded of my emotions after the 0-2 start in 2011. I was down and out coming off the 2010 season. We were 6-9 dating back to start of 2010. I was convinced we were done and Mark Richt was done. We did not play particularly pretty football from then on out, but somehow won 10 straight:

    Sep. 17 Chanticleers Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Won 59-0 —
    Sep. 24 Rebels at Ole Miss Rebels Won 27-13 —
    Oct. 1 Bulldogs Mississippi State Bulldogs Won 24-10 —
    Oct. 8 Volunteers at Tennessee Volunteers Won 20-12 —
    Oct. 15 Commodores at Vanderbilt Commodores Won 33-28 —
    Oct. 29 Gators Florida Gators Won 24-20 —
    Nov. 5 Aggies New Mexico State Aggies Won 63-16 —
    Nov. 12 Tigers Auburn Tigers Won 45-7 —
    Nov. 19 Wildcats Kentucky Wildcats Won 19-10 —
    Nov. 26 Yellow Jackets at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Won 31-17 —

    We found ways to win, found a few players, inserted Chris Conley into the WR corps, and somehow managed a semblance of a running game with IC in and out of the line-up with injury and suspension. The outlier in those 10 games was the demolition of Auburn. The rest were kind of grind it out wins.

    So, heck, I don’t know. Let’s win a game and then see if we can win the next one and the next. That was a young Aaron Murray who was still making plenty of mistakes, but we found a way to win. That’s all that matters.