Thanks for sharing.

Geez, I can understand when an eighteen-year old player tweets something he probably shouldn’t, but this?

Damn, guys.  Your team lost a couple of games and you have to let everyone know your head coach can’t handle the fan base over it?  Man up a little.


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  1. Jeff Sanchez

    It’s a pattern now with him. Remember him yelling at a fan coming off the field after a loss last year? His tweet “challenge” after people looked sideways at the ’13 recruiting class?

    I’m loving it, myslef


  2. Didn’t see the play…but what kind of boss does it take to knock out #5? Wow.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    Mommy, make the mean man go away!


  4. Brandon (Version One)

    Freeze has a killer instinct though at least he didn’t tell anyone he loved them.


  5. PatinDC

    Oldster alert. I don’t understand tweets at all.
    Is that really the AD’s phone number? He can’t be happy about that going around the innertubes.


    • According to the thread to that tweet, it’s the number to Freeze’s office.


      • Dolly Llama

        So Pat’s not the only one who doesn’t understand tweets, eh? I wish I had something to ask Hugh Freeze just so I could call the number. Something tells me that’s already changed as of this writing.


        • DawgPhan

          Its just the number to his office. Some poor secretary is going to be taking prank calls for the rest of the day.

          I thought that freeze said something dumb. That guy was pissed about a game, went crazy in someone’s mentions and got blocked.

          Happens all the time for much less. The AD is the one that goofed. no need to even get involved with this guy.


  6. DankJankins

    Geez the pressure is getting to this guy. Imagine if he coached at some places that really had high expectations… like say…Georgia, Bama, LSU, etc.. Them folks are really smarting from the loss to Tiger High.


    • 10 years without an SEC title would indicate Georgia’s expectations aren’t that high.


      • I Wanna Red Cup

        Come on man, does this comment have anything to do with the topic?
        We all get it- you want CMR gone. No need to express it in every post you make.


        • I’m probably as Richt-agnostic as anybody out here, but the “realists” sure do turn EVERY topic the Senator blogs about into a referendum on Richt. Ya know – sometimes I just want to talk about the damn topic the Senator blogged on without having that conversation. The Senator is absolutely right when he said awhile back that there’s one side in this discussion that seems to make every topic about it and it sure as shit ain’t the “Coach-lovers / apologists”. This shit just gets real old and makes me not want to contribute to this community as much for fear of starting this stupid damn discussion all over again.


  7. ASEF

    Can you give imagine getting a call from your AD telling you take a call from some guy you blocked on Twitter? Hoo boy.

    Can’t wait from the emoticon-dense follow up from Super-Fan Sam.