Musical palate cleanser, it’s been a while edition

Last night I traveled down to Variety Playhouse with an old buddy to hear Elvis Costello discuss his new book.  It was an enjoyable time.  The best part was Costello’s nod to his first concert in Atlanta – a show at the old Capri Theater co-billed with Talking Heads in late November, 1977.  It didn’t sell out (and that wasn’t a particularly big venue).  But I was one of those there, along with the friend who went with me last night.

Anyway, here’s a concert clip from a few months later of a song he played that night, “Watching the Detectives”.


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21 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, it’s been a while edition

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Capri Theater….Peachtree Road? Almost Buckhead?


  2. A Monday night in Little Five Points! A truly interesting place to be. A lily gd, unpretentious Ethiopian resturant is across the street. A and, of corse, The Porter and The Wrecking Bar.


  3. What kind of idiot typed that? I meant, “a truly good, unpretentious Ethiopian restaurant” and “And, of course”


  4. Castleberry

    Cool story. If things turn ugly in Jacksonville, I’d like to go ahead and put in my request for some Warren Zevon. Any track off “Life’ll Kill Ya”.


  5. rchris

    Keyboard guy awfully busy.


  6. Loved The Capri. Saw Joe Cocker there about that same time, maybe ’78. Still my favorite concert memory .


  7. Nate Dawg

    Senator, I like you more & more every day…of course what’s not to like tho…??
    Variety Playhouse is a great spot – my best show there – Chris & Rich Robinson ‘Brothers of a Feather’ show I believe they called it. Just them two & later joined by 1 other guitarist for a few songs. Awesome.


  8. Dawg Vegas

    I had planned on going, as EC is in my top two or three artists all-time. Sorry I couldn’t make it due to a last-minute conflict. I really wanted the book – what a great bonus to the ticket price.

    Senator (or anyone else who was there last night), did he sing anything, have a q/A, or did he just discuss the book on his own for a little while?


  9. Dawg Vegas

    Nice – now I’m even more sorry I wasn’t there. Of course, as a fan for so many years I have too many geek-boy questions to even know where to start. Sounds like a great night.

    He’s surprisingly funny too. I loved his Spectacle talk show, and his turn hosting Letterman’s show when Dave was out recovering from his heart surgery.


  10. Mike Cooley

    Glad you enjoyed it, Senator. The Variety Playhouse would be a good room for that sort of thing. It isn’t such a great place to see a rock show in my opinion. Being a seated venue kind of kills the energy to a great extent. I saw Drive-by Truckers there back in March of ’10. I always stand down from as close to the stage as I can get for general admission shows. But that area is so small in that room ypu might as well be watching the show in a phone booth. Chaos down from with fights breaking out because people couldn’t help but nearly knock each other down. And I looked behind me and the people in the seats looked like they were watching two old men fish.