Ripple effect

Another thing about those ineffective bubble screens – the poor blocking meant the Missouri defense didn’t have to adjust to handle them, which meant it was still able to cover everything else according to plan.

Bubble screens are designed to pick up easy yards where they exist, but more importantly they pull nickel backs and linebackers out of the box to open up the inside run or to suck safeties up to open up deep passes. Being able to only play one defender wide against 2 receivers, without being forced to walk a linebacker out or a safety down is an amazing luxury for Barry Odom.

Funny thing about that whole “suck safeties up to open up deep passes” notion.  I thought that’s what play action was for.



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  1. gastr1

    It really does come down to effective use of personnel. Godwin is a guy you want in space, which is why he returned punts–quite well–after Davis was out. Mitchell is bigger, tougher, and can clearly block. So if you just let Mitchell have the blocking assignment and throw the ball to Godwin, your chances of success are substantially improved.

    F’ing stupid.


  2. McNease

    Personally, I think CBS was trying more to draw the LBs outside than he was trying to draw the S’s down. I’m guessing the goal was to make the inside runs more effective than to make downfield passes more effective.


  3. Skeptic Dawg

    With each passing week it is becoming more and more evident that this Bulldawg team is woefully short on offensive talent with the exception of the RB position. An erratic QB with no viable backup, a disappointing (yet again) and underperforming OL, a weak (weak in talent not necessarily in strength) and undersized WR corp and an injury riddled group of RB’s all add up to the 2015 Georgia offense. This is why this team is unable to move the ball vs quality SEC opponents. It is pretty amazing that this group only has two losses to this point in the season. I hope that the coaches are able to cobble together an offense capable of putting points on the board over the next two weeks. I will not holding my breath.


    • UGA85

      I am not sure the problem is lack of talent. We have more four and five stars, depth, experience, etc. than any other team in the East. Even our “weak spot” at quarterback included multiple four star players at one point. Mizzou, for instance, has nowhere near the talent we have. Our level of play, IMO, is far below our level of talent.


      • Dawgwalker07

        As far as the WR’s are concerned I think the biggest issue is youth. Mitchell is a proven commodity, Godwin is good but a true freshman, and Mckenzie is a sophomore (who’s injury prone). Davis has come on some, but isn’t totally dependable. The bigger guys behind them are still young too, so the depth just hasn’t developed yet.

        OL and QB are disappointing. QB I understand why much more than OL.


  4. Will Trane

    Opposing defensive coordinators and their defenses drool over playing against the NFL OC. They get to pad their stats, and they get a great opportunity for a shutout on the scoreboard.


    • SRQDawgs15

      Last time UGA was shutout was in 1995. Should all of these coordinators you mention be fired for failing at such an easy task for the past 20 years? Then again, why let facts influence what you’re feelings are telling you.


  5. Will Trane

    Think of some new offensive coordinators. Mail the list to the attention of the AD and the HC.
    My choice would be whoever is running the UF offensive program. That is the guy “Boom” should have had along, he would still be at UF.


  6. @gatriguy

    It is fairly amazing to me that after watching Grantham first hand for 4 years that Richt decided he wanted another NFL coach to be a coordinator.

    It seems to me that NFL coaches care more about showing the other NFL coaches how smart they are as much as they care about results. Thus the propensity to call things that don’t work, just because they are sophisticated or complex.

    Schotty might turn out to be great, but I would have been much happier with Stanford’s OC or some other college lifer.

    I wonder how much the edict to keep Lilly and B-Mac (not that they’re not good coaches), impacted the candidate pool?