35 years later: “Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott!”

Here’s a great piece from Steve Hummer, who talked to the key folks involved in the greatest play in Georgia football history. What comes through is an understandable sense of pride, along with a little surprise there’s been nothing close to a repeat.

They could take the attitude of a musician grown weary of playing his greatest hit. They could roll their eyes, slump their shoulders, sigh and grudgingly go through the motions of telling the old story again. But none do.

“It will never come to that,” Belue said. “What most people have is some sort of story that relates to (the play), and I’ve heard some good ones. People just want to tell you what they were doing at the time — so, that’s been fun to hear that.”

“I’m a Georgia guy. I live in Georgia. People live and die with the Dogs. That play always comes up. I don’t dread it; I embrace it,” Scott said.

That said, none of them would mind having a little company in their lonely championship wing of the Bulldogs’ big-play vault.

When asked about the everlasting nature of Belue-to-Scott, the blocker who quietly made it happen touches on the frustrations of every red-and-black wearing partisan.

“Until they do it again (win a title), that should be the only thing that comes up,” Hudson said. “You got to do what the old fellas did. This is the example; this is what we want.”

You got to do what the old fellas did.  One day, hopefully, they will.


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18 responses to “35 years later: “Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott!”

  1. Buck will always feel that way. Without that play, he’s selling insurance in Valdosta instead of a sports talk show host in Atlanta.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      I love Buck for what his while a Dawg. To this day he is a DGD. But he should not be on the sports talk radio. He is awful to the point of being unlistenable. Maybe the color guy during radio broadcasts, or the new Loren Smith.


      • Absolutely agree – Buck’s a DGD for what he did in Athens. Tailgate show guy? Yes. Replacement for Eric Zeier? I don’t think so. Zeier’s analysis especially of what he sees as a former quarterback is really insightful and very good.


    • Agreed. Love the guy, but he is flat out awful on sports talk and just as bad on TV in the CBS post game show. And just to make it even more unlistenable, they pair him with the worlds #1 condescending and patronizing prick, John Kincade.


  2. Bright Idea

    If the Dogs ever pull it off again we have a percentage of “fans” that probably don’t deserve it but we’ll let them enjoy it anyway.


    • Totally agree, BI. Those “fans” probably would have bitched about how we didn’t deserve to beat Florida and would have been calling for Lastinger during the Sugar Bowl vs. ND.


  3. Pure magic. Buck , Lindsey, and Larry. The greatest play in the history of sports. That’s my opinion and screw anybody who feels different.


    • I agree. #34 had been stopped. I had just about given up .
      Then Belue to Scott. I could not believe It & neither could Munson.
      That opened the door for a National Championship. Unbelievable.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    I cannot do this.


  5. JAX

    Great play, awesome season and special memories. Can we please move on?


  6. Patrick Hodges

    Tired of reliving all this old stuff. Also tired of waiting for new stuff


  7. Parent

    I agree with those who talk about Buck being bad, really bad, on radio. And, let us not forget he completed all of 1 pass in the NC game. However, among my UGA memoribilia may be some much more valuable items, but my all time favorite is the football signed by Buck, Lindsay, & Munson. No one else is on it. I had to get Munson several months after the other 2 and of course, it can never be duplicated.


  8. my son,who wasn’t even a twinkle in the old man’s eye in 1980 can mimic Munson’s call of the play word for word,,,man is there going to be some property destroyed tonight.,