Had it all the way.

This is the look of a man whose team ended a five-game losing streak by beating the No. 9 team in the land on the flukiest of game ending plays.

As I said last night,



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26 responses to “Had it all the way.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    30 seconds later when being interviewed, he said the usual ‘preparation meeting opportunity, fight for 60 minutes, our guys never give up’ baloney. Any coach would have said the same thing, but coming from Mr. Prickly it looked especially phony.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    You will never again see so many people happy to be 3 and 5 in your life.


  3. Clemson now has to beat F$U or the ACC is pretty much out of the CFP.


  4. mg4life0331

    “So it turns out there’s a worse way to lose to Georgia Tech than a botched squib kick. Thanks, Noles.”


  5. AusDawg85

    More proof as to why we should hire The Genius immediately. Much better than Richt on last play strategy and beats top 10 opponents.


  6. DawgPhan

    Fun game to watch and happy that tech could get the W over FSU. The FSU melt on twitter was totally worth it.


  7. Kharmic Bitch Press Secretary

    Yo…Jimbo…love that look on your face. Remember that quarterback? You know, the one you sold your soul to keep on the field?

    Payback is just beginning, dear.


  8. Mike Cooley

    Now listen to all the Florida State people talk about how this is proof of the depth of the ACC. Lol.


  9. Russ

    A good coach like Fischer would have called time out and told his players to cover a blocked attempt and not let Tech run it back 78 yards for the winning score. Uh….never mind.


  10. TennesseeDawg

    At least Tech can beat a good football team. More than we can say for Georgia


  11. I don’t particularly CPJ due to some of his condescending opinions but that short video is hilarious. He should whatever he drunk or snorted for the game again. They seem effective. LOL


  12. steve

    It’s not a worse way to lose because the Head coach didn’t make the decision.


  13. UGA85

    CMR is, I believe, 5 and 2 against CPJ. To see that Tech is capable of playing toe to toe with FSU is a surprise to me. The series has tightened up a bit, especially given last year, and I expect another nail biter this year, given our current struggles.