SEC Power Poll, Week Eight

Consolidation at the top and fluidity at the bottom. Life in the SEC, mid-2015 season.

  1. Alabama.  Alabama didn’t play its best in a rivalry game, hunkered down late and did what good teams do to win.  That’s why it’s Alabama.
  2. LSU.  These guys grind out wins as well as anybody in the country.
  3. Florida.  It’s against Florida’s religion to play a game the week before the Cocktail Party.
  4. Mississippi.  A dangerous team, in the Jekyll and Hyde sense of being dangerous.
  5. Mississippi State.  A competent, below the radar team with the most below the radar quarterback in the conference.
  6. Texas A&M.  Gee, I thought it was the Aggies’ defense everyone questioned.
  7. Tennessee.  Ironically, the last Tennessee head coach to earn a moral victory against Alabama was Lane Kiffin.
  8. Georgia.  Any way you look at it, Georgia won’t be occupying the same spot in next week’s Power Poll.
  9. Arkansas.  Is a four-overtime game that did little more than show which team is less mediocre a big win?
  10. Auburn.  The Gus Bus threw another engine rod.  All Auburn can do now is try to get the vehicle fixed for next season’s race.
  11. Kentucky.  After being undressed by MSU, Kentucky is beginning to look like it’s going to replay last season.
  12. South Carolina.  From a transitive property standpoint, the bottom of the conference is a jumble.  But the ‘Cocks are this week’s recipient of a bye week bounce.
  13. Vanderbilt.  An ugly win?  Ugly is in the eye of the beholder, and I doubt Derek Mason’s beholding it like that.
  14. Missouri.  To be the worst, you’ve got to lose to the worst.


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11 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Eight

  1. Mayor

    Iowa and Okie State are Power 5 teams that are undefeated.


  2. Merk

    On the upside, not sure that Mizzou will be any better next year. Also SC will take a year or so to turn around and I am sure that unless they bring in a big name coach, this year’s class will fizzle out.

    Also, I think Spurrier retired because he could not handle having his last season contain ugly losses to UGA, Tenn, and Clemson. As Tenn is looking pretty good after beating us and hanging with Bama and Clemson has somehow managed not to Clemson yet.


  3. UGA85

    I thought about that as well. If you look at UGA’s position in the East moving forward, SC’s dominant run over us is likely coming to an end. On the flip side, UT and UF may be regaining their pre-eminence. Pending Saturday’s outcome, of course, we may be facing what we all knew would happen at some point: a Gator and Vol resurgence.


  4. I know this question sounds prickly but if we beat number three will we be number three or will any victory just be dawggraded? I’m just askin.


  5. Tronan

    Lemme tell you something, Tony Schiavone, when Mizzou’s offense is doing the dishes with the missus, the rest of the SEC will be going downtown! Wooo.


  6. UGA85

    I just noticed your numbers 1 and 14 teams. Wow. We played toe to toe with one and looked like high school against the other. Thank goodness for the East.


    • Dog in Fla

      “Thank goodness for the East.”

      In the long run life’s been good to CMR so far. If he had to make a go of it in the SEC West, he wouldn’t have a chance to walk away because he would be already gone