Slim pickings

Not exactly a week loaded with heavyweight action.


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4 responses to “Slim pickings

  1. Only one game really matters, anyway.

    GO DAWGS!!!!


  2. Macallanlover

    From the looks of recent games, several teams need the rest. Be glad when the calendar works it way back to the two bye weeks period. Lot of erratic football being played, only some of which can be blamed on fatigue.

    I have a decent noon SEC game, a very tasty mid-afternoon treat, only the night game schedule is lacking. Normally there are four must see games piled on top of one another so I wear the remote out. This week I will use the remote to find just something to keep me awake. Not a bad Thursday night offering though. The result of just one of those games this weekend could make it one of the best CFB weekends of the year.


  3. Bobby Bowden Syndrome

    This morning, I had an Ohio State fan ask me in the hallway about the “cocktail Party”. I had to stop and think about it for a sec.