Shit I didn’t need to see this morning.

I hate factoids like this.

No Georgia quarterback since Greg Talley in 1989 has managed to defeat rival Florida in his first start. David Greene, Matthew Stafford and Aaron Murray each topped the Gators within the last dozen years — Murray three times, in fact — but none succeeded on his inaugural attempt.

Then, again, it’s not as if I would have picked Lambert to set an NCAA completion record this season.  Maybe lightning is due to strike twice.


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8 responses to “Shit I didn’t need to see this morning.

  1. Hopefully, we can start a new trend, but I haven’t been this pessimistic heading to the WLOCP since 2009.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    This is a repeat, but seems fitting this week:


  3. Graham

    I’d say Lambert’s skill set (or lack thereof) is more similar to Talley’s than the others. Here’s hoping!


  4. PatinDC

    Past performance is not a predictor of future results.
    Or so they say.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    So you’re saying we should start Bauta?


  6. BowlDawg


    #1 – It HAS been done….
    #2 – Who would list Talley in their Top-10 UGA QB’s?

    …What this translates to is a “descent” QB went into the WLOCP his first time and lead UGA to a victory, the “great” ones seem to have trouble. AWESOME!!! That means we’ll win this year!!!…wait….that also means Eason @ QB will make us lose next year…

    HA!….who knows….


  7. Napoleon BonerFart

    Talley could hand it off to Hampton and Ware. Let’s hope Michel and Marshall/Douglas are equal to the task.


  8. Not only that, the Lizards won the last 3 games played on Halloween. Gotta go back to 1931 to find a Dawg victory on Jack o Lantern Day, and that was in Gainesville. Verily, all the portents are against us! Which is why I’m starting to feel kinda good about this one.