Caveat emptor.

An Illinois judge just tossed a class-action lawsuit against the Illinois High School Association that asserted its concussion policies were negligent and did not do enough to protect the state’s football players.  His reasoning:

The judge, LeRoy K. Martin Jr., sided with the association, a nonprofit organization that oversees high school sports in Illinois, ruling that football players assume the risk of playing contact sports and that increased liability could harm high school football, potentially even causing it to be abandoned.

No worries, mon.

“It is clear to this court that I.H.S.A. has acted to protect student-athletes in this state,” Martin wrote.

That’s a relief.  The plaintiff alleged that he sustained a concussion before his junior season in 2012 and was not removed from practice, later needing an airlift to a nearby hospital.  One can only imagine how much worse things might be if the association hadn’t acted… uh…

Last week, Andre Smith, a football player at Bogan High School in Chicago, died from blows to the head he had sustained during a game. He was the seventh high school football player in the United States to die from injuries this season, the association said.

I don’t know about you, but I were the parent of a kid playing high school football in Illinois, I would have a hard time agreeing to let my kid’s career continue.


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6 responses to “Caveat emptor.

  1. Lrgk9

    Last I looked, concussions were more statistically significant in both boys and girls soccer at the HS level.

    Am sure there will be more to follow…


  2. Cojones

    Waiting for Illini 81 to share info with us.


    • illini84

      84, that’s when I moved here. “Ken Leonard, coach of Class 5A state champion Sacred Heart-Griffin in Springfield, praised IHSA and its work to make people more cognizant of severe injuries.

      “I’ve been in the game over 40 years and the game has never been safer,” Leonard said. “I think with the equipment we have now, all the regulations, the trainers, the concussion tests we have, I have five grandkids — three boys — and I hope they all play football.”


  3. AusDawg85

    I footballed without fine a helmet ok peanut butter…..zzzzzzzzzzz.