First, punting. Then, the world.

It’s fascinating to think that Pete Carroll’s lasting legacy to the sport of college football could be the introduction of a new, rugby-style approach to tackling.


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  1. Ok got the dreaded redirect to the CBS page but then found a trick that seems to work, at least on the iPhone. If I just click the link, I get the redirect. But if I press and hold the link, it pops up several options, and if I then click on “open in a new tab”, then it worked. No idea WHY it works, because just clicking on the link alone also opens a new tab, that tab just redirects to the main page. Anyway, for iPhone users, maybe that’s a good workaround.


  2. Didntgotheredawg

    As a rugger and crazy dawg fan, so here goes my argument from authority. Tackling sucks at all levels of football because the way coaches teach it gets people hurt. There really isn’t much difference b/t a proper football and rugby tackle except you must keep your feet, wrap your arms, and keep your head on the backside instead of across the front of the ball carrier to protect your grey matter. The real difference is football coaches don’t let kids practice it every day because of injury concerns. Its counter inuitive to teach tackling without pads, but rugby players tackle every day and do it safer and way more effectively.


  3. Noonan

    I have a close friend who coaches high school ball, and they are using Carroll’s instructional materials to teach tackling now. Good for them.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    CMR: There were two rugby players….


  5. Dawgfan Will

    Isn’t this where someone shows and complains about the pussy-fying of football (and, by extension, ‘Merica)?


  6. ApalachDawg

    i think this is where rugby players would call football players pussies for wearing pads. They are just as big and fast and tough as we are but we play in bra and panties compared to those dudes.


  7. ApalachDawg

    if I was the nfl, rugby is the one European sport that I would worry about that could some day dethrone American football.
    Promotes the same team mentality
    John Wayne tough sport
    Winner and a loser
    Cheaper to play than football (equipment, etc)
    They think soccer is for pussies too
    Coaches aren’t even on the field when they play


    • 69Dawg

      I was convenience by the way we played 11 man tackle football in college without pads. We wold play every Sunday in Newnan with guys from all over the southside. I worked with a guy who had been a Div III QB from Upsala College in New York and he marveled at how we managed to play without serious injury. The secret of course was you never lead with your head, well at least after the first time. It was pure Rugby tackling. In the 4 years I played we had one serious injury and that was a collar bone break. We never had a guy knocked out ever. If you use your whole body to tackle a runner he is at least going to trip over you. Now I know you won’t make ESPN’s highlight show but you won’t get ejected for targeting either. Football is dangerous because the defenders use the helmet as a weapon in Rugby they try like hell to avoid a head on tackle because it hurts you more than the other guy. The tackles in Rugby are actually hard hitting but its with parts of the body that don’t end up making you drool when you are old.


      • Mayor

        ‘Zactly, 69. In HS we were taught to hit the runner in the chest with our helmets and drive him straight back into the ground. Ever wonder why all of us now have neck problems? Blocking, too. I was taught to pass block, in part, by butting the DL coming at me in the middle of the chest with the top of my helmet.


  8. do not resuscitate

    Anyone know (or believe from video evidence) that UGA teaches this? Just curious.