Worley, Worley running!

I’ve made every WLOCP game since 1979.  Sure, the iconic 1980 game ranks as one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime, but I’ve always had a fond spot in my heart for the 1985 game.  Florida came in ranked first in the country, something it had never experienced before and left on the short end of a 24-3 stick.

Here’s Tim Worley’s electrifying 90-yard TD run from that day.  Enjoy.


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  1. Spike

    I was at that game. What a performance by Worley and the Dawgs! Dooley had them ready to play and they put a beat down on UF. They were #1 for about 3 days! Ahhh.. the good ole days when we owned their ass.


  2. Got chill bumps. Man, I miss Munson.


  3. Midgadawg

    After the game and the end zone fence was pushed over by the victorious UGA fans – I walked the whole field and back with a buddy of mine. Reminded him this weekend will be the 30th anniversary of that game- good times had by all- need a repeat this Saturday- we were all spoiled then – expecting win after win over the reptiles – boy did that changed- at least we been a little better lately.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    That whole game is on youtube, the next day broadcast that Florida did because they were on probation. I watched it the other night, and it’s amazing how much talent Georgia had at running back in ’85. Tate, Worley and Henderson. Even David McCluskey was a talented fullback. I’ll be nice and say that James Jackson was an adventure at QB.


  5. Big Max

    That game wasn’t on TV because of UF’s probation (LOL). I was listening to the radio in the living room. When Worley scored that TD, I ran into the front yard, jumping off the front porch in the process. My dad was chopping wood in the yard, listening to the game on his car radio. We beat the hell out of UF that day. Worley was the 2nd most physically gifted back UGA has ever had.


    • S

      Obviously Walker was the #1 most physically gifted. But I would put Gurley up there tied with Worley. And to be honest, the only thing that keeps Gurley from being 1b to Herschel’s 1a is that Herschel had that world-class top gear.


  6. Jeff Sanchez

    Would you look at that, a gosh-darn toss sweep….


  7. Doug

    Always Worley….Worley, Worley toward freedom!


  8. truck

    Every play is more exciting with audio from Munson.


  9. Russ

    “Four whole days! Four whole days!” I remember the crowd chanting that at the end of the game. I also remember Henderson breaking another one late in the game. Instead of scoring, it seemed he purposely ran back towards the center of the field and to a tackler in order to either run the clock or avoid running up the score. (I heard a story once about the backup QB scoring late against Tennessee in 1981 when we were up 37-0. He said Dooley reamed him a new one when he got back to the sidelines.)

    Great memory from Jacksonville. Let’s hope we make some new ones this weekend.


  10. Junior

    Awesome clip. I agree Munson adds to the clip something serious. Robert Edwards had a huge run against Fla back in 97. I would like to see that clip. That was the first cocktail party I attended.


    • Dawg19

      Here it is:


      • Junior

        Man that made my week! Sure would be nice to see another smack down! That 97 UGA team had heart. Kirby, Hines, Bobo, several others as well. And Edwards torched em. Maybe not quite like he did AU the year before in OT, but he went off. Maybe Richt needs to show these guys this clip. It got my adrenaline going no doubt. Thanks for tracking it down!


  11. Red Cup

    Kirwin Bell, MVP!


  12. Doggoned

    Losing Munson was as big a loss to UGA as losing Herschel a year early … to Donald Trump before he was cool. If you’d call him cool now. 🙂


  13. sniffer

    Either the Tampa or St Pete paper ran an article around that time comparing the Gators with the Buccaneers, asking whether the Gators were good enough to beat the Buc’s if they played. Gator hysteria! They had what they called, “The Great Wall of Florida” as an offensive line. (They were pretty good). I’m with you, Senator. To this day, that was the greatest beat down of any opponent we ever played, IMHO. I hate the Gators…..