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Off again, on again

Honestly, this is approaching comedy now.

UGA had an abrupt change of plans on Monday, and decided to send its football coaches out on the road to recruit on Monday, DawgNation has learned.

This week is one of the biggest recruiting weeks of the year, due to the football season being over and February’s signing day looming around two months away.

Monday’s decision marked a change in plans from Sunday, when UGA’s athletic officials decided to pull all the assistants off the road, with the exception of recruiting coordinator Bryan McClendon and running backs coach Thomas Brown, after head coach Mark Richt was fired.

Jeremy Pruitt, who still holds the title of UGA defensive coordinator, is expected to visit on Monday evening with two high-value targets from Peachtree Ridge High School – defensive back Chad Clay (committed to UGA) and safety Nigel Warrior (undecided). Clay has an in-home visit scheduled with UGA for 7:30 p.m.

UGA defensive line coach Tracy Rocker was supposed to see two of the state’s senior top defensive linemen – Antwuan Jackson (undecided) from Cedar Grove and Michail Carter (undecided) of Jackson.

Maybe that explains why McGarity had no clue at today’s presser as to who was recruiting for the program.  Way to keep the trains running, fellas!


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Could Agent Muschamp be on the case again?

I have to admit there’s at least one possible upside to Kirby Smart being the next head coach at Georgia.

Gawd, I love the SEC.


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My biggest question from today’s presser…

… probably isn’t what you might expect.  Here’s what Richt said in response to a question about his future plans:

Mark Richt: “I’ll say this — if and when I do coach again, I’m looking forward to coaching again in terms of being more hands-on. I miss coaching quarterbacks, I miss calling plays, I miss that part of it. Whether it’s in the role of head coach, coordinator, quarterbacks coach, whatever it is. If in fact I choose to do that I’d be really excited about coaching QBs again and getting in the middle of coaching offensive strategy. Not that I wasn’t in it, but I wasn’t calling it. And I think I’d be more apt to do that again.”

Geez, if that’s what you missed, why didn’t you do something about it, especially this season after Bobo left?  You could have taken the OC job back and hired a special teams coach, which probably would have made a lot of people happier, including yourself, it sounds like.


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Better get that search firm moving, Greg.

Per Mark Schlabach,

Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart, a former Georgia defensive back, is considered the leading candidate for the job. One high-ranking UGA official told that Smart, 39, had to be the “only choice.” Smart has been the Crimson Tide’s defensive coordinator for the past eight seasons and directed defenses that helped them win three national championships since 2009.

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze, Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen and Houston coach Tom Herman also could be candidates.

Um, scratch one name from that list.  According to the Houston Chronicle’s UH beat writer,

Message sent and received?  Or did he not pass a background check?  You make the call.


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Rolling with Mr. Conventional Wisdom

Tony Barnhart is always there when you need him.

And he’ll be there to defend the suit who fires McGarity one day, if that should happen.


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No excuses now.


You’ve got the premier job opening in the country now, Georgia.  Don’t screw up the hire.


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The Georgia Way’s gonna Georgia Way, y’all.

Either he’s full of shit, or he canned Richt without a plan ready to go on the next man.  Terrific.


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