And now, a brief word from your host

Over the past two weeks, I’ve received a growing number of comments from folks, all along the lines of, “I love your blog, but if Georgia loses to Florida, I’m going to stop reading it for a while because the comments section has become too toxic for me to read.”

That’s a problem for me.  Nor can I argue about it too much.  I’ve cringed over some of the stuff I’ve seen lately.

I get that Mark Richt’s career is polarizing.  I understand that for some of you, whether he stays or goes is of paramount importance and that fuels your passion on the subject.  What I think some of you have lost sight of is that many of us don’t share your passion.  Including me.

Get The Picture is a blog primarily about Georgia football.  Mark Richt is obviously a major component of that, but he’s not the be all and end all.  This isn’t a blog about Mark Richt’s career.  Unlike some of you, I’m not emotionally invested in whether he stays or goes, because no matter where Richt is at, Georgia football will still go on.

An occasional bout of self-righteousness on a topic you feel strongly about is certainly understandable.  (Hell, I’ve been guilty of that sin as much as anybody.)  But on a non-stop basis, it’s a real turnoff.  And I can’t have readership feeling alienated because in your heart, you know you’re righteous.

So, a few reminders of what goes here follow.

  • Be respectful of other commeters.  It’s one thing to argue an opposing position.  It’s okay to mock another’s argument.  But getting personal with someone who disagrees with you isn’t.  If you can’t think of a way to disagree without personal invective or threats, perhaps you need to step away from the keyboard for a while.
  • Be respectful of others.  If you think Mark Richt is doing an awful job, just say so.  Personal slurs on his character, or the character of other coaches or players simply aren’t acceptable.  And before any of you race to play the Ben Carson politically correct or the ludicrous “some of my best friends…” cards, realize that if I tell someone they’re out of line with that garbage, I don’t care about your defense.  Anyone who comments here does so as my guest.  Freedom of expression isn’t the same thing as freedom to be an unmitigated ass.
  • Quit grinding things into the ground.  I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but repeating the exact same thing ad nauseam doesn’t win you any converts.  People aren’t growing tired of coming here because they’re intimidated by your towering intellect.  It’s because they know what’s coming and don’t want to see it again.  And again.  If you can’t find an original way to express yourself – and Gawd knows, it’s not like I don’t give you plenty of opportunities to find new angles to analyze the issues – hold your tongue.  Trust me, we won’t forget where you stand.
  • Li’l ol’ me.  It bears repeating that I am not emotionally invested in the concept of Mark Richt, Georgia head coach. That ship sailed a while back.  If you think that reflects badly on my credibility, buddy, that’s your problem, not mine.  This blog is coming up on its ninth anniversary.  In that time I’ve literally written thousands of posts about Georgia and Richt.  Anyone who thinks my position on the subject can be boiled down to three words, two of which are “a Richt…” isn’t trying.  If you’re too lazy to make the effort to understand why I write what I do, or simply find it more convenient to mischaracterize that, don’t expect me to take what you have to say in response with any seriousness.

I’ve written before about how one of the great pleasures of blogging is that it’s plugged me into a virtual community of folks who share my passion.  Some of you don’t realize a far larger part of that community reads GTP faithfully but doesn’t comment.  However, I do.  I can honestly say that there isn’t a comment made here that’s worth jeopardizing that readership.

I don’t write that to insult or belittle any of you who comment.  I say it because I want some of you to understand that what I’m about to write isn’t an idle threat.

This blog is a labor of love.  It isn’t all-encompassing, though.  I have a career.  I have a family.  I have a life.  What I don’t have is any more time to baby sit some of you who can’t control your emotions like grown ups.  I could sit here and say I’ll just start banning people who can’t respect the ground rules, but honestly, I’m getting tired of that (trolling excepted, that is).

Instead, what I’ll do if things don’t clean up is shut down comments entirely for a while to let things cool off, with the understanding that when I open commenting back up, it’ll be on a restricted basis, with full registration and moderation of those of you who have been least inclined to control your vitriol.

It’s not what I want to do.  I love having a freewheeling comments section.  At it’s best, it’s a lot of fun.  But right now, it’s not at its best.  One way or another, if some of you can’t figure out how to make your point without getting personal, it’s getting dialed down.  It’s only a question of who’s going to handle the controls.  Please don’t make it me.


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131 responses to “And now, a brief word from your host

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Comrades, you realize that if we make the Senator resort to moderated comments, we’ll be like a Tech blog.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Well said, and keep up the great work.

    Love your health, family, career, and hobbies, but don’t love your sports (only a solid ‘like’ at most). Live by this mantra, and you’ll be a far happier person as a result.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    I dunno man, it is if your success has rolled over every rock in the blogosphere.

    I am as guilty as anybody of picking fights over silly shit here, but even I have been astonished at the churlishness, post Cocktails.

    Sadly, even if we had beaten Florida I fear your forum has become a place where a few miscreants go to make themselves feel better by being rude, crude and unattractive.


    • JT (the other one)

      “crude and unattractive”

      HEY I resemble that statement!


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Sorry, I hit the send button by mistake:

      Knowing how I feel about hope, I do hope your plan proves effective.

      Your hard work for, I suspect, damn little return, has created a great place to drink coffee and talk about college football.

      I get you don’t have time for some a this shit, here. I will try not to poke at rolled rocks unless it is absolutely, positively necessary. 🙂


      • mwo

        This is the only blog I read, UGA or otherwise. I check in several times per day. I love the humor and general smart ass comments by SJ III, DiF, and everyone else. To me, reading this blog is like going to a family reunion everyday.


    • Bazooka Joe

      Im with ya Scorp… and please, PLEASE just remember what the ajc turned into…..


      • lakedawg

        Good point Joe, and the AJC has now to taken the low ground their posters used to use, particularly the wise mr Jeff Schultz.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          The AJC…Good God, I remember when that was the best college football covering bunch in the known world…that they have come to nothing is amazing.


  4. Brent Lanford

    Well stated Senator….


  5. JT (the other one)

    Great Blog! A must read for me every morning. I agree on how you see thing wrt our HC and on being respectful with comments. At the end of the day Georgia Football will go on, whether Mark Richt is at the helm or not.


  6. No Sean

    I appreciate your steadfast commitment to bringing us a unique perspective on our beloved program. I started reading a month or so back and have been hooked. Somehow you’re plugged in to all of the most interesting reads so this is the one-stop shop for all things Red and Black. Kudos to you, Senator.


  7. Timphd

    I’m a multiple times per day reader and occasional commenter. One of the reasons I don’t comment is when I read the vitriol of some of the posters I simply close the blog and stop reading. I am a long time Dawg, started at UGA in 1975. I love my Dawgs and want them to win every game. I can see the various opinions on Richt, and in fact mine has changed from support to thinking it’s time for him to move on. But the name calling, GFY’s etc. when people disagree makes me just read the Senator’s posts more now and comments less. Let’s clean it up fellas.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Internet blogs are a place where angry, inebriated people (like me :-)) can vent their emotions behind an anonymous curtain.

    A rule of thumb: don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in person.


  9. SCDawg

    It feels like some of these commenters just need the senator to say he’s fed up and to call for a change. Either for their own self-image or because they think it will make a difference at BM. Even though this is the best Georgia blog, the senator is not Walter Cronkite.


  10. j4k372

    I think you can use a different type of comments section in WordPress that is self regulating. People can thumbs down comments and they are hidden automatically if they hit some limit. I would Google that for you, but I’m too lazy.

    Seems to me that would lighten your load significantly.


  11. BMan

    Glad you said it, and it’s a shame that it had to be said. I love Georgia football, but I can’t imagine that someone disagreeing with my view on any element of it being worth me resorting to “f you” and other vitriolic comments. I save that stuff for rush hour on GA400. Thanks for all the work you put into this blog.


    • roswelldawg

      Senator, I hope you will continue to allow me to call Auburn fan inbred whining cretins. All in great fun, of course……


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      “rush hour on GA400” B, two weeks ago I would have had only a vague idea of what that meant, vis a vis GTP. I get it now.


    • Jared S.

      Ditto what Bman said! I just started reading this blog a few months ago, but I’ve been a Georgia fan my whole life. This site has become my go-to source for up-to-date and interesting takes on Georgia Football. My father grew up in Athens and his father was a custodian and maintenance man at UGA pretty much his entire adult life. Georgia is engrained in my soul! But it’s not worth “getting ugly” over.


  12. roswelldawg

    Auburn “fans”, not “fan”………I may have looked like a cretin with that grammatical error.


  13. The other Doug

    One thing I have always loved about this blog is the comments. Most blogs/forums are nothing but immature trolls trying to win the internet. This one has always been filled with insight, wit, and well crafted snark.

    Let me help y’all. Making creative references to Mike Bobo’s crayon is funny. Writing repeatedly, “I told you years ago that Mark Richt sux!” is lame.


  14. frowertr

    I’m all for letting only registered users comment with mods enforcing guidelines. That will keep the random enemy fans from trolling your longtime readership just to get a rise out of them.

    But… I’m thinking those readers that are feeling “alienated” could have just as easily not clicked on the “comments” links. No one is forcing them to read the vitriol.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Reading the vitriol, to me, is like not looking at that copperhead slithering across the lawn in front of my lawnmower, a hybrid lawnmower btw…you know that copperhead is going off to have lunch on the mice in yer barn, you want to put your foot down, but sometimes you just gotta let the copperhead go.


  15. AO

    Thanks, Senator! I think many forget we’re here for the same reason. The love of UGA football. GTP is a daily read to soothe the soul of this often tortured Dawg fanatic. I appreciate the hard work you put in and consider it a gift.


  16. ScubaDawg

    This is my favorite UGA blog for me no other is close. Thank you all of the effort you have put into it. I stayed home this past weekend for the first time since 1998. I gave my tickets, parking pass and room to my niece. At least she had a great time. This Saturday I`ll be back in Athens in my seat cheering my team.


  17. Will Trane

    Well Said reminder from our good friend and host.
    Not a complete lost weekend for me. The Royals won the World Series. Not a big fan of them. The Orioles are. But I like the way they play. And Host is a super manager with a dialed in staff.
    Would like to see that in the Dawgs.
    Frustration with the program is at an all time high. Most supporters see no solutions. Simply a repeat of the past. Almost a deception…let’s see how long we can get by with this.


  18. Senator, I appreciate the work you do here especially on your content. I can tell it’s a labor of love of Georgia football and for the community you’ve built up. Keep up the good work, and I wholeheartedly agree with you – Georgia football is about more than one person or one team … It’s about a nation, the DawgNation. When we forget that, we lose what makes us special and turns us into the Alabama, Auburn, or Tennessee “fans” we love to make fun of.

    On the flip side, you’ve been very patient with some of the people who clearly crossed the line over the last 2 days, and I think you would have a number of us fully behind you if you had wielded the hammer on them. Some of them (they know who they are) should come on this thread and apologize for their online behavior this weekend.


  19. Does this mean we don’t get to see the grasshopper picture today?


    • dudemankind



    • BD, you’re not one of those Alabama “fans.” You’re one of the ones that that make me respect the tradition and excellence of the Alabama program. I know there are a lot more of Tide fans like you than those like that “arborist.” The only bone I have to pick with Bama fans is the “Yellowhammer” cheer – I do think it’s a little on the “poor winner” side.


      • Thank you for the kind words.

        I enjoy reading the Senator’s posts and I enjoy the community of the commenters here.

        Hopefully, y’all won’t make the Senator go nuclear. 🙂


      • I think the cheer may have at one time been done by a couple of schools.

        I think it’s mostly done in good fun, but like everything else, us Alabama fans tend to tie our self-esteem to how loud and brash we can be with things.


        • I get it – most of us who love this sport seem to tie our self-esteem to how 85 18-23-year-old young men play a game on 12-15 Saturdays per year. I’m learning how to not let that happen …


  20. Bob

    And this my friends is what make this blog such a joy. Kudos Senator. And thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  21. charlottedawg

    Mark Richt has lost control of GTP.


  22. John Denver is full of shit...

    win or lose, I’m not going anywhere Senator, keep typin’ man!


  23. Athens Dog

    I can’t stop making fun of the nerds though……


  24. Chapindawg

    Thanks for this. I don’t post but i do read them most every day. I have been close to giving this site up due to the direction of the post. I am not happy with where we are as a team or coaching staff, but I am still a fan of UGA.


  25. 69Dawg

    I violate my previous post about not commenting, to say Thank You. I now return to my cave until this fire storm passes.


  26. NoAxeToGrind

    I totally agree with Blutarsky.


  27. Dave

    Golf clap. Bout time.


  28. BulldogJay

    I love this blog, hardly ever read the comments, will continue to read it if you discontinue comments


  29. I don’t say anything here that I won’t throw the way of my gator brother in law, LOL. But I say this, Miami really needs Richt, pronto, haha.


    • By the way, FYI, my wife adores my brother in law so you know what I mean. LOL.


    • Though I realistically do not expect Richt at risk to go anywhere but the dawgs at present or even in the near future except perhaps if the Dawgs lose to Kentucky, Auburn, and the Tekis this November. And even that may not do it.


  30. dudemankind

    Great post Senator. Sorry for some of the comments that I have made on here that have contributed to the negative atmosphere. I am guilty of trading paint with a specific few, that is certain. I am happy I stayed out of the mix the last couple of days, and will work towards that end. For what it is worth, I would still read your blog whether or without the comment section. Cheers!


  31. Having said my personal piece above, this blog is where I go to even determine if what I feel about my Dawg team just my misunderstanding of what’s happening to the team from the fans point of view. So this blog is quite important for my own sanity, as I continue to breath and shout the words ” It’s always great to be a Georgia Bulldawg” GoooooooooDawgs, So GoooooooooooGTP.


  32. I am in fact addicted to this blog. Ask my wife, the whole day, no kidding.


  33. paul

    Aside from your writing, the best part of this blog is the commentary. Generally speaking, it’s been insightful, entertaining and at least a bit thoughtful even when emotions have run high. The tone of the comments has changed dramatically this season. Some of that can be attributed to the fact that there actually seems to be some traction behind the Mark Richt hot seat talk. Unfortunately, a lot of it appears to be people simply being jerks. So, whatever you choose to do Senator, we support you.We will continue to visit your blog. Your hard work is appreciated. You’re a damn good Dawg.


  34. Uglydawg

    Spanking well administered,
    Contrition abounds…and rightfully so.
    I hated to see this blog turned into what I was seeing over the weekend,
    It shows that you thought this thing out and I believe you’ll see a positive correction..although there will still be the occasional problem.
    Nothing’s perfect, but GTP is very good.


  35. So Senator, thank you for keeping this blog open to all. In some ways, the anonymity of the posters makes the blog interesting. It actually proves and reveal without doubt about human behavior.

    When I was still working, clients would call me over the phone at times very upset seemingly about to attack me with an ax, about a lot of issues surrounding results of our work. If this situation happen, I actually immediately cut them off and ask them to meet with me face to face.

    Like a miracle, on our face to face meeting these same vitriol clients have turn to being Mr. Hyde to a Dr. Jekyll. They become so behave that I wonder if phones should be banned to keep peace or if they were really the same individuals I was just speaking over the phone earlier.

    Just saying.


    • Eric, I’ve had that conversation with clients as well. Amazing how things we would say to people over the phone or email, we would never say to the person face to face. It may be the same message (I’m not happy), but at least it’s professional rather than personal.


  36. Dolly Llama

    I’ll tell you why I have not opined on whether Mark Richt should stay or go: I am the ultimate non-contributing fan. I mean, I contribute nothing — absolutely nothing — to the progream.

    I have two degrees from UGA, but I’ve never given them a dollar since, mostly because those degrees were in a field that doesn’t pay a whole helluva lot, even though I’ve been reasonably successful in it. (As a point of fact, I work at NC State, an ACC school, a damn basketball school, and worked at CLEMSON before that for a good number of years. Before that, I was a newspaperman, and you all know how well the newspaper business is hanging in there. Higher ed is a far more secure gig.)

    I hear you guys talk about the Hartman Fund and I shut up, because they’ve never gotten a buck of mine and never will. The last Georgia game I attended was the deluge Arizona State game when my brother got free tickets from his boss, and they were thankfully under the overhang. I doubt I will ever attend a Georgia game (or any sporting event like that) again, as I’ve become more crowd-averse the older I’ve gotten. Hell, I don’t even like to go to crowded bars to watch the games anymore. If I can’t get it on basic cable, I’m content to keep up with it on the Internet.

    In short, I’m not only not a major donor, I’m not even a minor donor. I’m a free rider who only follows the team because I went to Georgia as my father did before me. (In both cases, we were the only ones of our siblings to go to college.)

    So I don’t have a say, and I’m fine with that. Listen to your donors, not me. This blog is my most solid connection to Georgia football and its fans, and I’ll keep on reading it no matter what happens. I may comment less in the days to come just because I generally comment in the non-“Richterendum” threads, and I foresee fewer of those coming down the pipe for a while.


    • DL, the Raleigh alumni association chapter would love to see you at their game watching parties. They’re typically not at overly crowded places and a good group of people who love UGA and the Dawgs. I believe last year the chapter won a big award from the UGA Alumni Association, so it’s very active in the Triangle. We’ve been to a number of game parties over our years in NC, and they’re very welcoming. I would tell you I would love to meet you at an event, but we’re in the middle of a move back to Georgia now.


    • OdontoDawg

      FWIW, I think your voice matters as much as any donor in this forum. We’re simply talking about our team in here – no more, no less. Despite what some may think, we are not making administrative or personnel decisions for UGA football in here, nor will we ever.


  37. Debby Balcer

    Thank you. I read the blog this week but not the comments. I figure it would take all week before the comments were safe. I get insight from some commenters so I would hate to see the comments closed. Unfortunately anonymous commenting brings out the worst in people. I am not anonymous but I still would post only what I would say in person.


  38. Jonathan

    Glad you said it. This is a great blog for all things UGA football, good times and bad. As someone else posted above, imagine letting your day to day life be so caught up in the minds and play of 85 18-23 year olds. Scary. Now, imagine your Coach Richt (or any coach for that matter) and your job and lively hood depends on such things and you have to read about the fact that you are terrible every time they make mistakes. Scarier.

    Keep blogging Sir.


  39. Grathams repacem

    All of this is reminding me of the end of the 1994 season with a big group of Goff supporters and another big group of Fire Ray Goofs. I’m afraid it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better regardless is what /when something happens with Richt. The blog is just a reflection of the turmoil.


  40. Daniel Simpson Day

    I love this blog and it’s the first thing I look forward to reading each day. Admittedly, when the comments number is over 100 I’ve gotten to the point of moving on and not reading them. Thanks Senator for the house keeping and your thoughtful insight. GATA!


  41. Biggus Rickus

    I’m kind of a dick, and even I’ve found the tenor of some of the comments to be a bit much lately.


  42. Russ

    Thanks Senator. I’m one of those that steps away from the blog after a bad showing, though I admit I’m becoming more apathetic about the Dawgs so it doesn’t bother me as much.

    But your blog is by far the best place for me to get my UGA fix and I do hate to miss it. I’d also hate moderated comments but understand where you’re coming from.


    • CannonDawg

      Agreed, Russ. Well said.

      And “well said” to you too, Senator. I suspect that some of the readers of this blog are kids (chronological as opposed to attitudinal), and what they see on particularly chippy days when it goes beyond clever and good-natured to become malicious and foul can’t be helpful to their image of the UGA program and the fans it attracts.


  43. JG Shellnutt

    I check in here multiple times daily. I love to read here and frankly, this is the only place I go for reading and keeping up. I comment occasionally but rarely butt heads with anyone. Some people seem to like to butt heads more than others do, which is OK, I guess, as long as it’s healthy and productive, not personal or juvenile. I hope to be able to continue to read here and occasionally comment. I think that I have read every word the senator has ever posted here (and once tracked him down on a beach after a photo he posted coincided with my view from a balcony at Amelia), but admittedly, I skip the comments when it seems to me that it will make me a less happy person to read the comments.
    I can honestly say that I love this “place” and the sense of community. Some of the commenters here make me laugh out loud, whether I’m at work or at home. But we really need to make sure that even when we disagree, we are respectful. Let’s keep this place as awesome as it has been.


  44. Gurkha Dawg

    Thanks Senator. The post was definitly needed. Most of the crap comments the last couple of days were way below the usual standards here. My mom always told me that there is no excuse for bad manners. If I am guilty of bad manners it makes people think I was not raised properly and reflects poorly on her and my dad. She said to always think about that before I said anything in anger. Lets get back to the quality comments that make this blog so much fun.


  45. Though this blog does produce and cause not so occasional flare of emotions, I find the actual post of the senator quite benign and mitigating compared to what is coming from the current and ongoing bloggers of the mainstream media which I think further fuel the mostly negative emotions of fans and that includes mine regarding the current state of Georgia football when you hear them or read them.

    Just imagine the years of negative analysis of ESPN gurus (Herbie), and most recently the addition of Finebomb at the SEC Network. In fact I decided to cut off my subscription of all ESPN programming for 3 years now as I feel personally attacked every time they go on their negative tirade on Georgia.

    ESPN is not good for the health of a Georgia fun.

    GTP however is a good prescription for your health, count on it.


  46. Macallanlover

    Good use of a timeout Senator. Like others, I took a “mini-vacation” from commenting over the weekend and intend to cutback in the future. This is a passionate sport, and stress adds to the way we all express ourselves. Some of the comments on Saturday and Sunday reached the level of what drove me from other boards post-2005. I was very close to 69Dawg’s position with some of what I read Saturday night and yesterday. It isn’t that you haven’t been tolerate for all to vent but spinning out of control seems to be problematic on all internet sites so I don’t really know the fix.

    I do know that my circle of real life UGA fans, and fans of other SEC teams, are able to have civil discussions on the same topics that always seem to spin out of control on message boards and blogs so there is room for disagreement on issues, and positions can be influenced by rational debate. I just exclude the folks who only have one point to make in every discussion, and they make it over and over even when the discussion in on other points.

    I am sure your thoughts above will improve things for the majority who have enjoyed this forum for so many years. Thanks for the effort that you make each day to make this blog work as well as it always has. We certainly live in interesting times. Go Dawgs!


  47. Dirt Dawg

    The only thing I’ve ever really considered in poor taste here are the comments about the ethnicity of Tech students. It’s embarassing to see fellow Dawg fans acting like xenophobic rednecks.


  48. GloryDaysAlum

    I just want to say thank you for your work in putting this out on such a regular basis. I have to admit, I’ve read every post for the past few years, including 90% of the comments. (When you’ve been reading as long as I have, you know exactly which commenters to completely ignore!) However, like many above have commented, the last few weeks have been miserable.

    I love UGA Football. I have always loved UGA Football. I graduated from UGA right after Herschel left. (I think we lost 6 games while I was in school.) My wife graduated from UGA. My son graduated from UGA. I have always been, and will always be, a fan of Georgia Bulldog Football, no matter who the coach is, whether it’s Mark Richt or Marky Mark.

    So please, speaking as one of the MANY non-commenting readers, don’t let a few rude, arrogant, self-righteous, pejorative commenters stop you continuing your excellent work in giving us great college football information.


  49. SAtowndawg

    message received….I’m embarrassed at some of my comments this weekend and apologize to those I offended and directed them towards…I would not want the tenor of the forum changed because of it nor do I think it should be changed…the combination of watching that offense and missing out on a Breeder’s Cup pick five score by a nose left me in an especially sour mood….


  50. OdontoDawg

    This post was the best UGA-related news I’ve heard in a few weeks. My deepest gratitude to you, Senator.


  51. Cousin Eddie

    First my wife tells me to stop screaming at the TV now you tell me to stop screaming at the internet 😉

    For the most part the comments are reasonable but after a loss they get pretty rough for a few days until everyone calms down. Maybe a post loss non-commenting period needs to be instituted.


  52. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Richt (GWOR)

    Underground Bunker
    Green Lucre Zone
    NC-17 Film Room
    Butts-Mehre Defense Complex

    0949 hours
    2 November 2015

    “This Time, You’re Going to Pay?”

    It is not to be disguised that a war has broken out between the Pixie Dust Disneys and the We Can Do Better Krispy Kreme Realists. One man, a Senator dressed in toga, is industriously striving to restore peace. Some think that peace is superficial, false and temporary. Others, mostly the Senator who controls the air space and can make it an IFF No Fly zone, disagree.

    Meanwhile in the enhanced interrogation room


    • The Pixie Dust Disneys come in Peace.


      After the defeat by Alabama, the struggle with Vandy, Chubb’s knee and loss to the Hillbillies (Cojones goes AWOL), Sony’s hand.
      The Dawg Nation was at war with itself. With much finger pointing. I think AuditDawg summed up last.
      -We are not the kindest fans to each other- even when we ought to close ranks and weather this thing together.
      Who knew every strength we believed we held would be gone by the first quarter of the UF game?
      The football is a spheroid shaped object and it is prone to bounce funny.
      Mr. “T” has his flag flying once again… and the Jacks still chase his hound through the neighborhood on those predawn Saturday mornings. Much to his chagrin.
      Go Dawgs!


  53. kevinsauer

    good rule of thumb, anytime you see the comment number > 100, probably best to avoid.


  54. Whiskeydawg

    I love your blog and will continue to read it regularly. What I’m finding more and more painful is watching Georgia on the field under CMR. I don’t enjoy car accidents and that’s what I feel like I’m watching. There is something missing at Georgia, beyond the obvious and at some point, you have to consider a change at the top.


  55. AusDawg85

    Thank you Senator. You don’t need anyone’s help, but you said what needed to be said and I expected some to come to your defense today regarding the integrity of the blog. If folks would act as if you’ve invited them into your living room to discuss UGA football they might treat this forum differently. I’ve wondered how far your libertarian point of view would go…nice to see there is a thoughtful limit as you defend the rights of those who wish to enjoy the blog over some others.

    Still think you should charge admission for your post re: Richt.

    Now go get me a beer and the salsa’s getting a little low. Where’s the bathroom? 😉


  56. I’ve not been around near as much as a bit back, but that was beautifully said sir and echoes my feelings from my own bloggerdom. It’s also part of why I’ve been quieter on certain subjects, as I’m tired of making the same complaints about the same issues that keep popping up in this program, and having the same arguments as deja vu all over again too.

    Hope all else is well in your world, Senator.


  57. Comin' Down The Track

    Today I will try to be less of a jerk than yesterday. Tomorrow I will try to be less of a jerk than today. GTP is the best. Don’t screw it up.

    This will be my mantra.


  58. Bobby Bowden Syndrome

    Senator, your blog has balls. The 1st round of beer is on me at the Camping World Independence Bowl. And that goes for all GTP readers.


  59. mikebozo

    Sorry for some of the posts and I still promise to be annoying


  60. Rick Wilson

    I have never commented, but I do thank you for your comments and the points you made. Keep up your good work on the blog and shut the comment section down, if people cannot behave in a civilized manner.

    Thank you so much.

    Rick Wilson



  61. Senator,
    Sounds as if you took a page from Jim Wright and his blog Stonekettle Station. If you haven’t go and read his rules of comments. May not agree or not with Wright’s politics but his rules are great.


  62. Normaltown Mike



  63. Cojones

    While my comments have been lacking here lately, it’s time to get back to Dawg Nation business. I’ve refused to read comment for two days after defeats because I’m aware they already fit a pattern of insensitivity and poor reasoning toward coaches and players that affects all of us in their tenor. I don’t need to read them to have that feeling of team loss further trampled by a few. I’ve smiled through this morning’s comments, but it wasn’t the self-satisfied type. I’ve smiled at the open apologists who are aware that they have offended whereas I never read their words that made them feel that they should apologize. I smile because there is a pleasantness associated with people who are honorably good and let their venting mind guide their fingers, only to publicly let everyone know that they are self-aware after all. Several trolls (I erroneously assumed that by their invectives that hit my romanticized Dawg vision) have proven to not be trolls upon reflection and that indicts my decision-making predicated on their typed word. I stopped doubling down on what I considered personal internet insults long ago, but not so in doubling down in the program’s defence ( whether it was intended by the poster or not ), and that falls on me. Many people have written my words for me and said the things I felt and came to comment; so, in many cases, there was a “Me Too.” posted and not further words of comment .

    Many of us disagree in areas other than CFB, but it’s really not earthshaking to us all and even has less invective associated with it than when blogging about the team. That’s odd because the “other” words are more damning to personalities and one’s view of morality than anything typed about the team and our own personal views, but are tolerated much better than words about our preferred sport. Can’t explain that (but am attempting to). Each of us see our team as the personification of our experience at UGA even though those experiences differ widely. Our transference of love for Georgia, the institution, is tied up into our cheers and other emotions plumbed from their depths by words of disagreement about the team. This explains some of the raw invectives produced from us all from time to time. And they become inextricably attached whereas we double down by thinking it reflects back on our personal beliefs. Fuzzy thinking on all our parts.

    Senator, I read what you post because I want to see info about the team that carries my ego aloft (and asunder) and that isn’t written in the pabulum of “click counters”; it’s written in a way to induce comment from both sides of a reasoning take of team issues while it doesn’t attempt to restrict the words used for reasoning (that are not placed as personal insults); we use it to gather socially to a common cause that means much to us while escaping from the present milieu of events surrounding world reality, rather, you bring us back to face that reality that’s crept into this insular subject we so heartily partake of and that’s meant for us not to get our fragile egos crushed when legal worldly shit hits our fantasy sports castles; we take a dollop of your medicine because we know it eventually will be good for us and bitch about it because it doesn’t taste good.

    My thanks to your blog because I thought I might leave this world without expressing some things of importance to me and I have taken liberties with Word Press and your invitation of open expression to the unintended point of your exasperation. I’ve gone off thread so many times that I feel like Cochise, but most of it was in the venue of intended levity, not as a balk, as an intended remonstration toward certain views that have been meant to soften other’s comments and not as a mugwump to your leads.

    Your future invitation to participate in this blog won’t change my comments much as a guest. I’ve kicked well-meaning at some of the scruffy growth that appears in your garden, but have left the healthy growth of what I don’t like to eat alone. I’ve kept away from promoting many bar fights (in most instances) by retiring quietly without returning personal invectives that were aimed in an attempt to be nice in your house when it was becoming devoid of nice furniture. Realizing that the off-topic remarks could unplug my only blogging fun, it won’t stop because it isn’t meant to be mean (only humorous), but realize that you still may decide to take umbrage to such remarks (just when I thought that skating close to the edge was fun).

    When it comes to the point of reregistering, I will gladly do so, but in the meantime do I have to keep registering every day as I have for the last two months ( that’s either my dedication or too obtuse to read the inherent message)? It no longer has been automatic identification for my first blogs when opening to the GPS site. Thankfully though, it is no longer listed under “spam”.


  64. First of all to the Senator; every time I check in here, which is multiple times a day, I marvel at how you are able to provide us with such a diversity of content and depth of insight, I don’t see how you have the time to do anything else, like eat. Second, the ability to share ideas and opinions online with Dawg fans that go back as far as my 50 years of fandom is priceless.Thank you for all you do, keep on doing what you do. Georgia Football will survive this blip in time, GTP should too.


  65. Gravidy

    Thanks for saying what needed to be said, Senator. I still read your blog daily, but I am participating in the comments less and less lately. The comment section has been going downhill for a while, and it has fallen off a cliff on the last few weeks. Hopefully things will improve now. Thanks again for the work you do.


  66. Ozam

    Senator…thanks greatly for all your hard work. Get The Picture is the best Dawgs blog site bar none. While I am not a prolific commenter, I am a serial visitor. It is my daily addition.

    Personal attacks etc. are completely unacceptable and beyond childish. This is especially true given the fact one does not even know with whom they are arguing! While the recent rise in such behavior is unfortunate it is directly correlated to the state of UGA’s football program. Our wives and kids, who do not understand our passion, are tired of our whining, do not understand what the big deal is, and basically want sanity restored to their households. People just need a place to vent and get all the negativity out of their systems!!! Think of GTP as a marriage saver!!!!!!

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. Every year we go into the season with a renewed optimism that this year will be different and every year our hopes come crashing down.

    Since matriculating at UGA in 1979 I have bled red and black.

    Damn my loyalty….damn damn dam