SEC Power Poll, Week 9

Lots of teams with bye weeks means not too much movement in my latest Power Poll ballot.  The coming week, however, boasts a schedule that’s all SEC, all the time.

  1. Alabama.  Relax, world.  No matter how the Alabama-LSU game plays out, there won’t be a rematch.
  2. LSU.  In this corner, an Alabama team facing another must win game.  And in this corner, Les Miles.
  3. Florida.  I think Jim McElwain is winning his argument with Will Muschamp.
  4. Mississippi.  It’s easy to forget, but it’s this team that controls its destiny, not Saban’s.
  5. Mississippi State.  The Bulldogs have had such a quiet season that I almost didn’t recall they were off this week.
  6. Texas A&M.  The Aggies ended a two-game losing streak, but didn’t exactly dominate a weak South Carolina team in doing so.  Progress of a sort, in other words.
  7. Tennessee.  I was skeptical of the Vols in August, but this team appears to be picking up steam as the season progresses.
  8. Arkansas.  Curb stomped a FCS team.  Isn’t that what SEC West teams are supposed to do?
  9. Georgia.  After the first four games, how many people thought after this week, Georgia still wouldn’t be bowl eligible?
  10. Auburn.  The Tigers gave up well over 500 yards of offense to Ole Miss, even with Carl Lawson’s return.  Obviously the Will Muschamp era is going swimmingly.
  11. Kentucky.  Another year, another great start followed by a collapse.
  12. South Carolina.  Showing a little more life post-Spurrier, but I’m not sure that says much.
  13. Vanderbilt.  Losing 34-0 to an AAC team?  If that’s not the most embarrassing loss by an SEC team in 2015, it’s gotta be in the top two.
  14. Missouri.  After Vandy’s showing, I’d move you up, Mizzou… except you lost to Vanderbilt.


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16 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 9

  1. Dolly Llama

    I saw where Mauk’s been suspended again at Mizzou, and this time it looks like it’s for good. Everything I’ve seen vis a vis that first suspension involves that stuff Eric Clapton wrote a song about, though of course that’ll never be verified one way or another. Wonder what it’s about now?


  2. Bright Idea

    Lots of good players in the SEC but not lots of good playing.


  3. Mayor

    I basically agree with your order except Georgia should be lower than Kentucky and Auburn.


  4. B'hamdawg

    I think you meant Ole Miss under #10. Auburn plays TAMU next week.


  5. Russ

    I say this as a full-blown Richt supporter, you’ve got us a couple of places too high.


    • rusdawg

      I was thinking the same thing. The only teams we should be ahead of right now are USCe and Vandy….and I am pretty sure that if we had to play Vandy again right now, we would lose.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Holy quarterbacking punter, Bluto, how has it come to this? And it ain’t over yet.

    After reading all the hype about Georgia being a playoff team, to have to really, really worry about Kentucky is depressing.

    But realistic. Sometimes the truth is just depressing.



    Like some fans, I hope the team doesn’t quit. Losing to KY is not an option. NC27 is not coming back…fix the run game. Now.


  8. DawgPhan

    looks like rain on saturday.

    there might be a few empty seats in the stadium.

    Oh but it is a black out.


  9. McNease

    Vanderbilt. Losing 34-0 to an AAC team? If that’s not the most embarrassing loss by an SEC team in 2015, it’s gotta be in the top two.

    Agreed, but I’ll add that I bet my alma mater, Navy, the third best team in the AAC, would beat UGA by a couple of TDs if they played this upcoming week.