“In the big picture, the replay process is in good shape.”

Shorter Rogers Redding:  yeah, the replay process bites and needs fixing, but since when have the conferences cared about spending money to make officiating more credible?


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12 responses to ““In the big picture, the replay process is in good shape.”

  1. Spike

    Penn wagers smiles and approves. As does Da U.


  2. Macallanlover

    First, fire Rogers Redding. He and Gaston sunk the level of SEC officiating, no need to have them spread their seed around the nation.

    I think the review process for CFB is fine, you just need someone competent to look at the review and have no reason to “protect” the crew on the field. Why not take the retired NFL officials who cannot run up and down the field any longer? Give them a refresher on rules differences and have the report outside the conference offices. The Duke “knee on the ground” flub could not have been an accident, that was dirty, filthy even. Replay is fine, just get honest, competent reviewers in charge of the booth.


  3. Debby Balcer

    They need to hire refs that are fulltime and train them better. Obvious calls missed and nothing happens. Pass interference and holding are allowe while against the rules. I can watch a game with no interest in who wins and see bias in penalties.


    • Debby they were talking about the Clemson-NC State game on the radio yesterday – I forget the exact number but there were something like 160 total plays in the game, and the percent of passes was really high, and not one single holding call the whole game. It’s like they were saying, it’s gotten to the point that if you’re not gonna call it, just take the rule out of the rulebook. It’s crazy how much they allow nowadays.


      • (Their point being that they saw multiple blatant holds on both sides, yet not a single one was called).


        • Macallanlover

          The lack of holding calls, and allowing a QB to nullify a great pass rush and save 20 yards of field position by intentionally throwing it away has fed the switch to the points explosion. One is a rule change, the other is lack of enforcing rules that currently exist.


        • Debby Balcer

          Agree completely it never seems to be called until a game changing drive occurs then all of the sudden they recognize it.


  4. 1) When in doubt, call it in such a way that it can be reviewed.
    2) When reviewing, try not to overturn the officials on the field unless it is so obvious that a blind-deaf-mute or Jesse Palmer would be able to make the correct call.

    Those are competing ideals, yet that is what is happening. The guys on the field are calling it with a bias toward letting replay officials fix mistakes that are reviewable. Yet, replay officials are loathe to overturn calls.

    Replay is broken because of this “the play stands” crap. Either it was a correct call or you overturn it. This gray area of letting the play stand is just a way to absolve both the on-field officials and the replay booth of responsibility. Somebody has to take responsibility for the call that is made. ESPECIALLY when it is challenged. If a coach uses a timeout to challenge a play, the replay official better sack up and decide whether the call was correct or not. It is his job, after all, and using a timeout can seriously impact the outcome of a game. It is worth somebody making a concrete decision.


  5. AusDawg85

    As bad as it is now, I would NEVER trust a central SEC or NYC office controlling reviews. I’d rather see it outsourced to some guys in a call center in India.

    *Ahh…thank you for calling. I understand you have a play you would like reviewed. Would you like for me to review that for you now? First, may I get your name and pin number for identification purposes? Yes, and Mr. Referee, is there a number I can call you back on if we get disconnected? Very well. And which play would you like me to review? I see. Have you plugged and unplugged yet? Please do so now. Very well. I see we have a problem. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Can you hold for just a minute please? (20 minutes later) Sorry for the delay, Mr. Referee. It seems our system does not find a problem, may we send someone out to look a the play for you? Our next available appointment is in 3 months. Hello?…..Hello? Is anyone there?… *


  6. Lrgk9

    Hey, I’ve self evaluated myself and my team. We all got an ‘Outstanding’ rating and a raise.

    Don’t need no stinkin’ independent third party appraisal.,,