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Contract shmontract

Mark Richt still hasn’t signed his.  Not that it’ll make any difference if he’s canned.

Georgia football coach Mark Richt, under fire for his team’s performance this season, has yet to sign a new contract drafted more than nine months ago. As a result, he has already foregone $600,000 of the $800,000-a-year raise called for in the deal approved by the athletic association’s board.

Nevertheless, UGA has vowed to honor the terms of the proposed agreement retroactively. That’s particularly beneficial to Richt in the event that he gets fired this year. It means he will be paid $2.5 million more than he would under his existing contract, for a total payout of $4.1 million. According to the current contract on file with the athletic association, he would be owed $1.6 million, or $800,000 per year remaining in the term.

“To me a handshake is an agreement and the board approved it. Everybody approved it,” Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity said Friday. “Just because somebody hasn’t signed it doesn’t mean we’re not going to honor it, if it ever reached that point.”

$2.5 million?



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Hmmm… so that’s what special teams look like.

Pretty spectacular downing of a punt from last night’s MSU-Missouri game for your viewing pleasure.

Ah, a man can dream, can’t he?


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If you wondered if Georgia would release a hype video for tomorrow’s game, the answer is yes.


UPDATE:  FWIW, Miami released an eight-and-one-half-minute video on its miracle win.  Against Duke.


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“I want good things to happen to Mark Richt, but my greater priority is for good things to happen to Georgia. “

Some perspective on the current situation – okay, some lengthy perspective on the current situation – from Doug Gillett, who resurrects Hey Jenny Slater. for the occasion.


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OMG, there’s a game tomorrow!

Damn, I knew I let something slip my mind.

The good news is that tomorrow Georgia faces its first opponent in a month of Saturdays that ranks below it in both total offense and total defense.

The bad news is that who knows where this team’s collective head is going into the game.  Then, again, at 1-3 over its last four games, Kentucky is reeling as much as Georgia is right now.

In the end, maybe Tyrique McGhee’s take on the game is right:  Georgia wins, “…just to shut some people up.”

Actually, the most Georgia thing that could happen tomorrow would be for Georgia to both win and cover the fourteen-and-a-half points… because that wouldn’t shut anybody up.


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The next front in the NCAA wars opens.

Sooner or later, you knew this was coming:

The NCAA’s transfer rules are now under attack legally. A former Weber State football player filed a class-action lawsuit Thursday in Indiana federal court that challenges the NCAA’s transfer rules requiring Division I football players to sit out a year if they leave for another school.

The lawsuit against the NCAA claims the transfer limits violate antitrust laws.

This part is sheer poetry.

“The NCAA’s limitation on the mobility of college athletes is patently unlawful,” the suit says. “For a striking contrast, one can simply examine the unfettered mobility of the players’ coaches.”

The funny thing is that in an unguarded moment, the NCAA would likely agree.  It’s just that the schools wish they could limit coaches’ movement as much as they do their student-athletes.


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The truth about the Gurley suspension comes out.

It was never about amateurism.  The NCAA just didn’t want to see Todd Gurley in a tutu.


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