“It kind of sugarcoats everything. Makes everything just taste a little bit better.”

27-3.  It was a good win.  When you consider what they had to fight through – the background chatter turned out to be a tougher opponent than Kentucky – it was a credit to the coaches and the players that they were able to put all that to the side and produce a 24-point margin of victory.

The danger, or course, is that they take the occasion to rest on their laurels.

Probably more importantly, a program under plenty of pressure got some stress-release.

“It’s really nice,” senior offensive lineman Kolton Houston said. “Get to relax, go to church happy tomorrow so it’ll be good.”

Georgia rushed for a season-high 300 yards after shaking up its offensive line and using Michel and receiver Terry Godwin out of wildcat formations that included zone reads.

“It gets the train going back in the right direction,” Houston said.

Feelin’ good, eh?  That’s the same kid who said earlier that he “thought there had been a complacency…which left the players in a trance & merely going through the motions”.

Maybe they’d do better to keep all that outside noise in their heads.


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18 responses to ““It kind of sugarcoats everything. Makes everything just taste a little bit better.”

  1. Tronan

    Houston has every right to feel better, but I wish he could hold off on feeling “good” for at least another three games.


  2. Derek

    I don’t think complacency will be the problem this week. The problem is that Auburn is better than UK and playing better each week. If we’re to win Saturday, somebody is going to need to make some plays down the field. Anybody know whether Godwin can throw it? If he can chuck it, we might be able to get away with our UK game plan. That old Tebow play where he stepped into the line, stepped back and and launched it could be deadly with Godwin. Otherwise, I have to believe that Auburn is too talented upfront to just run over and around them like we did yesterday. Going to need another superhuman effort from the D too.


    • Mayor

      Someone on this blog said at the beginning of the season when Auburn really sucked that “by the time they play us they will have gotten their act together.” Well, those words are so true. Texas A&M is a better team than any team that Georgia has beaten this season and Auburn beat ’em yesterday at College Station. I expect a very difficult game with Auburn.


  3. Yes. He should go to church unhappy.

    I know, I know, he should go to church happy but not say anything.


  4. Roterhals

    I’ll take that W all day long after this week. The “sky kick” that UK would’ve gotten if not for the penalty was disappointing to say the least. Only thing worse than that was Aaron Murray’s haircut.


    • Mayor

      Yeah. That haircut was really bad. I get that when you are a rookie the established players can do that sort of thing to you (Tim Tebow got his head partially shaved) but Aaron–you aren’t a rookie any more.


  5. McTyre

    Indeed, suddenly Auburn looks a lot better on both sides of the ball. If the D can hold the edges better than usual, our ST simply follow the Hippocratic Oath, and the coaches revive our short-to-medium passing game (free Jeb Blazevich from the tyranny of the OC!!!!!!!!), we can win.


  6. Biggus Rickus

    I didn’t look at the game thread, so I don’t know if anyone mentioned this. Did anyone else think Stoops’ decision to go for it on 4th down at midfield was monumentally stupid given the way the game had gone to that point? Setting Georgia up with that kind of field position in a 10-3 game where Kentucky’s offense could do nothing basically ended the game.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    October?! What October?


  8. I’m happy for him with all the crap he had to go through but to quote the Wolf from pulp fiction: Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet.


  9. Debby Balcer

    So the players don’t even get 24 hours to enjoy a win anymore?


  10. HoustonDawg

    The fact of the matter is that this isn’t the first time the Dawgs have won a game following intense fan and media scrutiny aimed at CMR. It seems this is the only way CMR can get his players up…when his ass is on the line. Same story, different year.