SEC Power Poll, Week 10

Saturday was a very, very good day for Nick Saban.  In fact, it was close to perfect.

  1. Alabama.  To borrow one of my favorite lines, if you’re a Tide fan, the world is once again spinning in its properly greased groove.
  2. LSU.  The loss to Alabama was bad enough that Les was talking about next year after the game.
  3. Florida.  Scoring nine points and winning an East game is the new black.
  4. Mississippi State.  The Bulldogs just keep quietly rolling on.  At least until this Saturday, after which they either won’t be quiet or won’t be rolling along any more.
  5. Mississippi.  So much for controlling your destiny.
  6. Tennessee.  It’s November, Vols.  You can relax now.
  7. Arkansas.  Based on Petrino and Bielema, it appears that coaching the Hogs is good for your libido.
  8. Auburn.  There’s a real question about how much of that win against Texas A&M was a mirage.
  9. Georgia.  Of course, the most Georgia thing that could happen at this point would be for the Dawgs to win out.
  10. Texas A&M.  Funny thing happened on the way to making sure the Aggies defense didn’t suck so much this season – somebody forgot to pay attention to the offense.
  11. South Carolina.  That makes two moral victories since Spurrier quit.
  12. Kentucky.  How fast have the ‘Cats fallen?  This fast:  Vanderbilt is a 4.5-point favorite this week.
  13. Vanderbilt.  If only this team had an even mediocre offense.
  14. Missouri.  A player strike really cements this as Gary Pinkel’s season from Hell.


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7 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 10

  1. Jack Klompus

    With all due respect, the most Georgia thing to do would be to win out and look like the best team in the nation and go into the next season ranked in the top 5. Rinse…


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    “Arkansas. Based on Petrino and Bielema, it appears that coaching the Hogs is good for your libido.”

    Now THAT is comedy gold brother Bluto!


  3. Arkansas beat the two teams ranked above them here.
    If they beat LSU next week, are they the second best team in the SEC?
    That would be… something.



    Au over Uga…Senator made a funny.


  5. UGA85

    We seem to be A&M’s East twin. Supposedly high powered, offensive coaches who, ironically, have terrible offenses. Both teams are being carried by their defenses, and both are underachieving, given their levels of talent. I guess A&M is partially excused because they play in the West.