“So I just went out there and forgot about it and played for my team.”

I’m sure I’ll be labeled a Pollyanna squish for saying so, but those of you who dismiss the team because of your dissatisfaction with the coaching staff ought to think about Sony Michel before tossing out another blast.

To be clear, while Michel’s injury – a fractured bone in the middle of his hand – is not what would be described as serious, it could have prevented him from playing. He suffered it on the first play from scrimmage against Florida. But despite missing the next few plays in that game, Michel has practiced and played ever since.

What’s more, he’s doing it while taking several shotgun snaps out of the “Wild Dog” formation.

“My team and my teammates, that’s what I do it for,” Michel said. “I could have easily just said, ‘no, I can’t play. My hand’s broken and I can’t play now more because it’s hurting.’ But you’ve got to forget about that and play for the guy next to you.”


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34 responses to ““So I just went out there and forgot about it and played for my team.”

  1. Rick

    How about this is a general rule: if you get ‘angry’ at a player or a coach for not performing to your expectation, you are a child.

    If you think someone should be replaced – great, nothing wrong with that. If you then have to actively dislike that person to make you feel better about that position, you are an emotional (and probably intellectual) simpleton.

    I have no problem with people having opinions about where things should go, but the number of people that just turn into dicks makes me ashamed to be a fan of college football.


  2. HVL Dawg

    You mean he’s not doing it for the fans? You know, the fans who boo players for dropped a pass? The fans who throw eggs at player’s houses?


  3. Chris

    UGA really has been decimated by injury at the RB position the last several years. With backs like Gurley, Marshall, Chubb and Michel, its a shame Douglas, a DGD, is getting significant playing time outside of mop up duty.

    BTW, where is that Turman kid? Seems like he’s been in the program forever, and I can’t remember a single carry for him.


  4. I Don”t dismiss this Team. The Dawgs are My Team. .If they somehow
    manage to beat Aubarn I am looking at a fairly good year. Beating Aubarn
    would be considered an upset in my opinion. Still I have high hopes.
    If they lose I will still be a Fan & will always enjoy watching the Dawgs play.
    Next year with Chubb back, with Eason, the Dawgs will be even better.


  5. Jared S.

    I love Chubb and Michel. I liked Gurley, but I LOVE Chubb and Michel. These guys are men of character and I’m glad they are Bulldogs. Nothing against Elliot, Fournette, and Henry, but I’d take Chubb or Michel over any other back in college football any day of the week because of their combination of character, versatility, skill, leadership, humility, toughness and class.


    • Sanford222view

      What was Gurley missing that you didn’t love him? The autographs incident?


      • Jared S.

        That was part of it. But I don’t hold that against him, really. God knows I’ve done a lot of things (especially at that age) that were much more questionable. It was that…..and the head-butt caught on tape. Don’t get me wrong, when I say I “liked” him, I mean I really really liked him. But I think Sony and Nick are on a different level of maturity already from what we’ve seen of them so far. But Gurley is great. I wish him all the best.


  6. sniffer

    You’re such a Pollyanna squish…


  7. sniffer

    ….I have no idea what that is


    • I think it’s being a Richt apologist. 😉


      • Chadwick

        I marvel at those that think you are. The program, not the team or players, is in the weeds by some poor management by the HC AND the overall crew at B-M. That’s where dissatisfaction should go. I don’t boo the team and I don’t get angry after losses, but it would be Pollyanna-ish to think some of the problems with the program will be fixed with a recruiting class.

        These kids play a brutal sport that creates real and lasting bonds of experiences shared between teammates. Sony’s comments wonderfully highlight those bonds. Good for him. DGD!


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Hang down yer head Blut ar sky, hang down yer head and cry.

        Gary Pinkel for President.


  8. Athens Townie

    Taking the players (and their sacrifices) for granted because the coaching staff is not getting their job done is weak sauce. Same with throwing players under the bus for execution lapses.

    The buck stops with the professional coaches who get paid millions of dollars to win games — not the players who put their health on the line as amateurs.

    I know quite a few of the guys who play on this team. The weight of their responsibilities and sacrifices can get pretty heavy.

    That’s why, in my book, the players are the last people who should get thrown under the bus for performance. Millionaire coaches, however, are the first.


  9. simpl_matter

    A little off topic, but anybody heard any rumblings/speculation on Keith Marshall getting a 5th year of eligibility? He only played in 3 games last year before getting hurt, that qualifies for a medical red-shirt, right?


    • Thats good news if true. I saw flashes of the old Keith last game


      • Jared S.

        Man, that would be incredible! Didn’t Richt say this last game was the first time Keith had played without a knee brace since his injury?


        • simpl_matter

          This is all just baseless conjecture on my part, but he’s a true senior and missed the better part of two years. Guessing they’ll at least ask for one (assuming Keith wants to). Maybe he goes pro, but you have to think he’ll do better in the draft with a solid year behind him. Would be nice, no doubt.


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    Fine sentiments all and well said. You gotta wonder how these feelings about kids mix with the evisceration yesterday about Mizzou’s players.

    You can run, but you can’t stand up for what you believe.

    I find this somewhat confusing.


  11. Bobby Bowden Syndrome

    This year is the year!


  12. Bulldog Joe

    Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, Sony, and protect that ball.

    We’re on board. GATA!


  13. WF dawg

    IIRC, Richt addressed this before the season and said the decision to apply for a 5th year rested with Keith. I hope he’ll decide to play another year. I like him a lot as a player and a person.


    • Macallanlover

      If he wants to still try the NFL, I think he will need another year to show he has recovered enough to make a contribution. Question is, would he want to spend it at UGA with Chubb and Michel back in front of him?


      • Phillip

        i think he should take his shot. Another year down the depth chart will not help. He could end up behind an incoming freshman too so go now. sadly I think the NFL is a long shot anyway but who knows? such a DGD