Great moments in excuse making

You probably didn’t know this, but it turns out that one of the reasons Auburn’s season has been disappointing is because its defensive coordinator is green.

No, really.

As to the “overrated” part of the question, I’d say they had far too many questions — new quarterback, new center, lost top two running backs from last season, plus breaking in a first-year defensive coordinator in Muschamp — at the beginning of this season for it to be fair to expect them to win the SEC and contend for a playoff spot… [Emphasis added.]

Boom went bust, but it’s understandable because he never coached defense in the SEC before.  Got it.


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26 responses to “Great moments in excuse making

  1. rocksalt

    The part of the article that stuck out to me was the bit about the author

    “Ryan has literally loved all over the world as part of a Navy family”

    Yep…sounds like all of the sailors I ever served with….


  2. Malzahn has always hedged his bets some this year, saying in the lead-up to the season that Auburn is a young team replacing a lot of integral pieces, so he knew it would be a work in progress. He also expected a more immediate turnaround on defense with Will Muschamp coming in. That was always going to take time, but everyone was shocked with how much of a miscalculation they made with Johnson heading into the year and I don’t think they expected these kinds of offensive struggles at all.

    Tom Green was a bit more honest about it.


    • Auburn’s problems on defense last year were a lot more about personnel than Ellis Johnson. He got scapegoated a bit for a disappointing 2014.


      • He absolutely was made the scapegoat. Ellis Johnson is a good DC. He didn’t get dumb overnight. Auburn lacked talent at every level on defense last year. This year it at least has Lawson (now, anyway). He’s a true game changer and he scares the hell out of me when I think about Wynn at LT.


        • Will (The Other One)

          They had no pass rushers at all last year, and this year have…one. Who hasn’t been healthy most of the year. I suspect at least some of that fanbase is complaining about some 4- and 5-star defensive talent that hasn’t lived up to its billing (in the offseason they weren’t busts, they just weren’t coached right.)


  3. JT (the other one)

    Wait what? I thought he was the reason they were going to win it all! At least that was the narrative heading into the season…do the link…


    • Jared S.

      Possible Savior…. Sounds like a good nickname for Eason? Hope he works out better than Muschamp in his first year.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    You know Ryan’s got a point, there.


  5. Spike

    That A hole Muschamp has got to be the most overrated coach in football.


  6. Dawg93

    So his prediction is Auburn 38, UGA 24? Based on what? Suddenly the team that averages 27 pts per game on offense will score 38 pts against a defense that averages giving up 18 pts per game? Got it.

    UGA has given up 38 pts 2 times – to Bama (14 of which were a pick-6 and a blocked punt) and to UT. Since then, we’ve given up a grand total of 36 pts. And Auburn has scored 38 pts only once – 46 vs Arky, in which they scored 22 of their 46 pts in 4 OTs.

    Auburn may win, but that score prediction seems, ummm, “off”. I’m thinking a 23-20 score . . . flip a coin on which team wins, but you’d have to say with the better TO margin and special teams, plus playing at home, Auburn seems the logical choice in a close game. But then again, this series is about as unpredictable as they come, so who knows, maybe that Auburn beat hack, errr, reporter is right about the score.


  7. It’s not easy being green.


  8. Mayor

    Gee. And all along I thought that Boom was the “best defensive mind in all of football.”