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Another targeting call success story

I’m not saying the decision to overrule the targeting call on Texas A&M’s Ricky Seals-Jones during Auburn’s 26-10 win last weekend was incorrect, but when Steve Shaw has to explain the decision by saying,

“The players’ safety trumps everything, and we want guys — just like it happened in that game — to put the marker on the ground and then replay has to look at the forcible versus incidental component on that…”

on a hit that resulted in the defender suffering three torn ligaments in his right knee and a severe dislocation of that knee, I’d say you’ve done a pretty good job of sending a mixed message.  Which was supposed to be the opposite purpose of coming up with the targeting penalty in the first place.

Well played, all.



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How the East wasn’t won.

Here’s a way to make your defense look better.

That’s impressive.  Damned impressive.

Basically it’s the product of good field position management (the Gators are first in Brian Fremeau’s FEI Field Position rankings) and favorable turnover margin (the Gators lead the SEC, at +9).  You know, the kind of things Georgia was hoping to do, but has fallen woefully short of accomplishing (81st in FEI Field Position; minus-5 in turnover margin).

That’s also how Georgia can be more effective than Florida on keeping opponents from scoring on longer drives, while having less to show for it.


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It’s been that kind of year.

I bet if somebody had told you before the season that after week ten, Brice Ramsey would rank third in the conference in average yardage, you’d have gotten real excited.

Oh, that.


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Say hello to our little friend.

I’m surprised this story hasn’t gotten more attention yet.

The San Diego Chargers’ and Oakland Raiders’ plan to become the teams that move to Los Angeles received a big boost Wednesday when Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger agreed to oversee their bid to build a stadium.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora and Sports Business Journal’s Daniel Kaplan reported the agreement early Wednesday morning, and it was confirmed later in the day.

Citing sources, La Canfora wrote that Iger will become chairman of the teams’ bid to build a stadium in Carson, Calif., and the move could propel the Chargers and Raiders to begin play in the Los Angeles market as early as the 2016 season.

Chargers and Raiders executives, along with execs from other NFL clubs, are in New York for a “significant” meeting with NFL officials on Wednesday.

Iger will remain as Disney’s chairman and CEO, but will also become the non-executive chairman of Carson Holdings, LLC, and oversee all major initiatives with the venture, including stadium design and naming rights as well as fan experience. Iger will also be responsible for guiding construction and operation of the stadium.

I mean, how sweet is that for the Chargers and Raiders?

And, no, I don’t expect a college to make a similar move… but I could sure see the CFP folks pulling a stunt like that down the road if they feel the need for some extra juice.


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A musical reminder

I’m not feelin’ the hate this week, people.


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