A musical reminder

I’m not feelin’ the hate this week, people.


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  1. Jeff Sanchez

    Maybe this will help. Always works for me:


  2. Other than WDE, I’m getting my hate on. All it takes is watching $Cam preening about JHS after the NCAA did their in-depth investigation of his father’s church steeple and that thug Fairley using his helmet in a way to make Aaron Murray a patient at the Shepherd Center. I still would have loved for Josh Murray as a grown man to get a fair shot at Fairley.


  3. Nate Dawg

    Ha! My buddies have already made the rounds with it this week – good call Senator!
    ‘I dawn keer much for awbern’


  4. Hate to say it, but the win last week didn’t do much in the way of making me feel any less detached. Just don’t have the hate in me like I normally do. I mean of course I want us to win, but you know how several of us here said after the UF game that it didn’t even feel like a loss to a hated rival, just felt like a loss? I’m still there. If we win, I’ll be happy, but not nearly as excited as I normally would be with a win over the Barn. If we lose, eh, I’ll be a little bummed, but oh well.

    And I hate that I feel this way, I really do. Hopefully I can muster up more hate for the nerds!


  5. Spike

    Fellas, who can’t get their hate on.. I’ll make up for you hatin’ on Auburn. Why? Nick Fairly.. Cam and his pimpin’ dad… fire hoses.. And I’m just gettin’ warmed up!


  6. Cousin Eddie

    Apathy, I feel Apathy. Want the team to win but to drained to get excited one way or the other and I hate the team from the plains.
    Well probably doesn’t help that I have been at work for nearly 20 hours.


  7. sectionzalum

    pure art. and another squidly homage to the dawgs:


  8. Cojones

    If we can forget asshole players like Fairley and Murray’s trips to their stadium plus the thunderous scores put on their butts in Sanford retribution, then I don’t think much of the fan base that can get bummed out from a win over Kentucky.

    If we have a problem with our team then look no further than your greedy little egos for the answer. What kind of shit mood have we blogged ourselves into when we take the players’ field play so lightly? They deserve a better fan base than we can muster if you can’t find the memory to hate the scuzzy pimps across the river who run their players through mood swings that put ours to shame. Mixin’em up in your mind helps: Viola! I give you Muszahn and Malchamp! Let’s give’em a Sanford scoring gift right out of Murray’s memory book just because they are Auburn!


    • I Wanna Red Cup

      Let’s melt the M &M boys


    • Preach, brother! And thanks for the new epithet to hurl at those people: “scuzzy pimps.” Been hating Auburn since I was knee high to a grasshopper and my hate doesn’t dim in the slightest ’cause of a bad year. For the longest, those last 3 games were a hate escalator: Lizards, Cheaters, Nerds. The way I always put it is that it was always great fun to beat the first by any score; I always want a vicious beat down of the second–don’t even want to see them score; beating the 3d is a grim, necessary duty without much joy, but losing it is the worst feeling of all. Still doesn’t feel right having the Hate Parade broken up by hapless Kentucky and GS.


  9. My Hate Is Papable. Fla., Tenn., & Aubarn top my list of teams i pull against
    on a regular basis. We lost to the first two & I have no faith in beating the third.

    Upsetting Aubarn would make the entire season a ” Little ” Better for me.
    Spike has the right attitude. That works for me.


  10. diving duck

    Auburn is the game I have circled each year. Since the Dawgs tanked this season, whoever is playing Auburn has been my second favorite team and an appointment viewing.


    • mwo

      Amen duck! Auburn is the circled game for me every year. I grew up in Troup and Harris counties and War Eagle is all I ever heard. I love America and UGA but if Auburn played ISIS I would put a black flag in my yard.


  11. Anytime we win at Jordan-Hare, we should rush the field and chant “fire hoses.” Why? Cause fuck Auburn that’s why.


  12. Dog in Fla

    Just because the pre-season Kool-Aid © 2015 Kraft Foods All Rights Reserved Happy Hour®™© ℠ projected winners of the SEC West and SEC East were both out of the race before November, there is one thing that never changes


  13. This used to feel like a brotherly rivalry until $Cam Newton and Nick Fairly came along, It’s nice to know that Richt has owned Auburn the last 15 years.


    • Ben

      I’m with you, but only if you have a hate-filled and adversarial relationship with your brother.

      I’ve got this song as my ringtone for Auburn week, and in a staff meeting yesterday, when I didn’t have my phone muted, it went off. Did I mention it was a room full of Auburn people? The two Auburn grads in there who’ve heard it plenty of times just died laughing at me and my embarrassment.

      But really, I hate Auburn, and beating them would make this crap sandwich of a year feel a little bit better.


  14. Ole Dawg

    Last game I saw as a student in Sanford we lost to aubrin and after it was over those low rent punks ripped out big chunks of the hedges. I say F#@K AUBURN AND EVERY ONE WHO LOOKS LIKE “EM!!!!!! GO DAWGS!!!


  15. AusDawg85

    If we are 0 – 8 going into the Auburn game, my hate will still burn hot and deep. Apathy? APATHY?! Dear God, put on your big boy pants, stop sucking your thumb, put your poncho on and get ready to get hosed for winning.

    Damn I wonder about some of you people.


  16. Tronan

    One of the things Richt has done very well since becoming coach is pretty much own the Barn. Even most the handful of losses we’ve suffered to the War Damn whatevers have been really close. Past performance does not guarantee future success, but we have had their number this millennium. Here’s hoping we still do.


  17. Again: I am a lifelong Gator Hater But Tenn. & Aubarn have moved right up
    there with the _______ Gators. I hope Aubarn lises all of their games.


  18. Derek

    There are many reasons to hate Auburn. $Cam, James brooks can’t read, the fire hoses, keep it down home cuz, the true story of how tubs quit AND got his buyout, offering tub’s job to Petrino, on and on, but for me the MOST auburn thing ever is this:

    “The use of toilet paper was inspired by comments from Terry Henley, a colorful halfback whose rural drawl made him a darling of reporters. The unbeaten Crimson Tide was second in the nation coming into the game and Henley made a pledge: “We’re going to beat the No. 2 out of Alabama.”

    Hence the rolls of Charmin.” That was before the 17-16 punt Bama punt game in 1972.

    Yes, that’s right. The tradition of rolling the oaks at toomer’s corner is an elaborate shit joke. It DOES NOT get more auburn than that. The fact that you probably couldn’t find one asshole at toomer’s corner with a roll of tp who knows why they are doing what they are doing is probably a close second.

    People say that they pull for sec teams to win. Since that would necessarily include auburn, I’ve always counted myself out.


    • Dog in Fla

      On the other hand TWER gives Georgia credit for it:

      “But indisputable proof can be found in the Nov. 1971 Plainsman, in a story on the celebration after Auburn’s victory over in Georgia in Athens, which all God’s children pretty much agree is the game that won Pat Sullivan his Heisman Trophy:”



      • Derek

        I don’t think the question is whether toilet paper ever hit a tree in auburn before the “punt bama punt” game. The question is the genesis of the tradition of rolling Toomer’s Corner en masse. The images today are a little different than a few stray strands of paper. Its scatological and its auburn and that’s redundant.


      • Mayor

        I was at that game and it was one of the greatest performances by a QB in history. Sullivan completed a pass while being tackled as he was horizontal and about 2 feet before hitting the ground. People don’t talk about it much but if Georgia had won that game the Dawgs could very well have won the MNC that season. They would have had to get by Nebraska to do it, though. They finished 11-1 that year–their only loss was to Auburn. One of Dooley’s greatest teams IMHO.