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Today’s head scratcher of a stat

There’s no way I would have expected this to be the case:

Under Richt, Georgia is a perfect 4-0 in games in which they did not reach the century mark through the air and two of those opponents were ranked.

Here are those games.

2009 at #7 Georgia Tech: 76 yards passing

2015 vs. Kentucky: 90 yards passing
2001 at Ole Miss: 93 yards passing
2007 vs. #22 Kentucky: 99 yards passing

Run the damned ball, Schotty!



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“I am of the opinion they will not leave out a major conference champion for Notre Dame.”

College football, live by the completely subjective playoff process, die by the completely subjective playoff process.

There is no way these people get all the way to the end of the current contract with a four-team postseason field.  No frickin’ way.


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“He’s just saying, ‘that ain’t right'”.

As Arkansas gears up to play LSU, somebody decided it would be a good idea to interview Darren McFadden.  It’s pretty entertaining, especially when McFadden, who was one of my favorite players to watch, reminisces about that ridiculous 3OT game back in 2007.

Q: What do you remember most about that game where y’all came to Baton Rouge and won? I think it ended up being, 50-48.

“That’s exactly what it was: 50-48. One of the things I remember most about that game is I broke a long run down the sideline, and my quarterback at the time, Casey Dick, came back and threw a block for me that pretty much sprung me into the end zone.”

Dial this bad boy up to about the 2:15 mark and you’ll see what he’s talking about:

My other favorite moment of his that he brushes on?

Q: Is that one of the biggest memories from your college career?

“Definitely. I would have to say so. Those games against LSU, and then I had several good games against South Carolina, too, that still stand out to me.”

He set an SEC rushing record against the ‘Cocks, so I can see why that would stand out.  And you gotta love this clip, especially the capper at the very end.

All that talent in the backfield and Arkansas wound up going 8-5.  Still, they were a blast to watch.


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This can only mean one thing.

Georgia Tech dropped its seventh game of the season last night.  Mark Bradley shares a sad with the genius.

1. Paul Johnson, a coaching lifer, appeared shaken after this loss. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a season like this,” he said. His Yellow Jackets, who were ranked No. 12 in the land and favored at Notre Dame on Sept. 19, are 3-7 and cannot finish in anything better than a last-place tie in a division they were picked to win. Several of those losses have been of the excruciating variety, but this was the worst. Tech lost three second-half fumbles, dropped a third-down pass that would have garnered a first down and saw a potential winning drive aborted by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Johnson’s offense was limited to 258 yards and didn’t score a point after the first quarter. For the sixth time this season, the Jackets lost as a betting favorite. Good grief.

Even if Tech wins out, with that fan base, it’s not going bowling.  So, inevitably…

Georgia will get Georgia Tech’s best shot.

You heard it here first.

Bonus amusement:  Tech’s bowl streak is over, which means this is the kind of year the Jackets haven’t had since Bill Lewis was in charge, but what’s got the gang at StingTalk riled up is that David Pollack got to take a ride in the Rambling Wreck yesterday.

Hey, it’s Georgia Tech.  He can do that.


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