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Game day, Auburn edition

Damn, that never gets old.

Um… oh, yeah, today.  Well, if you want to wallow in pessimism, I can’t say I blame you.  It hasn’t exactly been a confidence building season for Georgia.  Auburn hasn’t been any great shakes, either.

It’s a good matchup for the Dawgs.  I know there are plenty of keys for the game you can point at, if you’re so inclined.  I just think from going through the stats for both teams, that turnover margin is huge.  If Georgia can hang on to the ball, it should be a tough out for Auburn.

It’s an early game, so I’m pulling out shortly to go.  Here’s hoping today’s ending is vastly less traumatic than what I saw on my last trip to the Plains.  Heck, maybe Tray can help tip a pass for the winning score.  Then, again, I’d just settle for Gus’ rabbit’s foot staying lost a little while longer.

Add your game day comments you know where.



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“So I am just getting over that hump.”

Hi, my name is Nick Chubb.  You might remember me.

Actually, we do.

“All of the support from everyone has been great,” Chubb said. “Everyone has been so nice. I’ve had a lot of support from everyone, but my hometown, especially of Cedartown, have sent me a lot of cards from all the elementary schools. People have been reaching out to me.

“It is just great to have that support to everyone. I haven’t responded to anyone yet to thank them, but I am going to sooner or later. I’m just proud of my city and how they are in the state playoffs and wanted to be here to support them.”

The injury has also given him a dose of perspective about the UGA fan base.

“When I was playing everyone was obviously for me  for what I did on the field,” Chubb said. “But now nothing has changed. If anything, I have gotten even more support from people. DawgNation is a real great fan base and they have given me a whole lot of support.”

He feels confident he’ll be back next season, although he’s not sure exactly when.  If anyone has the work ethic to pull that off, it’s Nick Chubb.  Fingers crossed…


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