“So I am just getting over that hump.”

Hi, my name is Nick Chubb.  You might remember me.

Actually, we do.

“All of the support from everyone has been great,” Chubb said. “Everyone has been so nice. I’ve had a lot of support from everyone, but my hometown, especially of Cedartown, have sent me a lot of cards from all the elementary schools. People have been reaching out to me.

“It is just great to have that support to everyone. I haven’t responded to anyone yet to thank them, but I am going to sooner or later. I’m just proud of my city and how they are in the state playoffs and wanted to be here to support them.”

The injury has also given him a dose of perspective about the UGA fan base.

“When I was playing everyone was obviously for me  for what I did on the field,” Chubb said. “But now nothing has changed. If anything, I have gotten even more support from people. DawgNation is a real great fan base and they have given me a whole lot of support.”

He feels confident he’ll be back next season, although he’s not sure exactly when.  If anyone has the work ethic to pull that off, it’s Nick Chubb.  Fingers crossed…


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9 responses to ““So I am just getting over that hump.”

  1. WarD Eagle

    Forgot he as from Cedartown. Hard to imagine they’ve had two incredible running backs there in ~10 years.


  2. J-Dawg

    Chubb will be back and better than ever. Considering that this was a lost season for him we may have him back for his senior season as well. Also, next season we’ll have a QB that can run the offense and get the ball to him in multiple ways. Let’s finish strong and get it done in 2016. Now let’s hear from the negative Nancy’s. Go DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!



    GATA NC27


  4. Macallanlover

    I realize his injury was different but hope Nick Chubb has a Gurley/Peterson like recovery. He is such a fine young man, you cannot help but want the best for him… and it would be the same if he played for other teams. Based on what was reported of his injury and successful surgery, I think we see him back next fall, just not sure if he will be the same. Fingers crossed.


    • I hope he does as well. It may take him a while. I would almost rather see him redshirt if he’s not ready to play from the beginning of the year than to waste a year like we did with Marshall in ’14 (assuming he doesn’t come back). I would rather have a fully recovered Chubb in ’17 than a guy who may not be fully healed in ’16 but good enough to play.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Agreed. Injury healing time and conditioning too. If he didn’t play until the season after next and only one year. I couldn’t complain.


  5. The Dawgs miss Chubb & this season would have been different if not for
    his injury. Now I just pull for a full recovery whenever that may occur.
    I miss Chubb & I miss Bobo.


    • Macallanlover

      Definitely cost us the UT game. And who knows how he would have opened things up in the other games because the defenses would have had to give up something to account for him. We will never know. Just want the best for him now.

      As for Bobo, we would have missed him regardless of who replaced him but man, who could have foreseen this falloff? I don’t think it is all on Schotty but no one was ever able to keep Bobo down like this.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Nick is a workout warrior. No doubt he will come back strong.

    Great to see the support he is getting. He’s earned it.