“It’s bad.”


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I really don’t have to tell you what Justin Scott-Wesley thinks of the Neyland Stadium turf, do I?



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  1. Normaltown Mike

    Weren’t there some horrific injuries in the 80’s when they used to have that awful concrete field, too?


  2. Dog in Fla

    Thank goodness for the University of North Texas®

    No one associated with any of the fourteen families of the SEC Feeder Programs or the SEC Home Office could have done anything about the sorry state of the Neyland playing surface without the UNT twitter feed


  3. Brandon

    Unacceptable for SEC standards. League office should require them, hell, even give them the money to install an artificial surface a la Ole Miss.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    A lot of UT partisans were going all-out in attacking UGA twitter accounts that complained about Neyland’s turf leading up to the game this year… I wonder what they’ve got to say now that their own administration has admitted that the Vols play on a glorified cow pasture.


    • mwo

      The cows in my pasture resent that remark!


    • Silver Creek Doug

      My cows’ pasture is better than Neyland Stadium turf…


    • It wasn’t just our guys getting injured in KneeTorn Stadium. Didn’t Tennessee have nearly all their starting OL go out against us along with several other injuries? At the time, I faulted their increased injuries on having longer cleat studs and an acceptance that injuries were ok, if they can beat Georgia.

      Tennessee had a lot of injuries this season. Many of them in Fall camp. Are their training fields as crappy as KneeTorn? Did they get hurt in scrimmages at KneeTorn?

      How many other schools have injuries against them in that cattle dump? I would love to see the stats. Someone said that Lattimore suffered one of his at that place.

      Please, please, please have that CRAPPY place fixed before we play them up there again. Even artificial would be better.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Good to see the North Texas AD step up and take a stand on behalf of his players.


  6. Kneeland Stadium….where knees are blown and careers go to die.


  7. Blazer Dawg

    I’ve been saying since the Chubb injury that we should not show up next time. Don’t forfeit, just don’t go…like Office Space. Tennessee will run out of the tunnel and no Georgia…hey, where are those guys…oh, they just decided not to come. SEC will give us a loss and slap on the wrist, but be better than losing star players for the rest of the year!