What is this “nine-game” schedule you speak of?

Shorter Jay Clemons (the 2015 national winner for “Sports Blog Of The Year”, donchaknow):  When the college football playoffs are so awesome, who needs a decent conference schedule?

And by “who”, he doesn’t mean fans.


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6 responses to “What is this “nine-game” schedule you speak of?

  1. Mayor

    By definition a nine game conference schedule will require the Dawgs to play 4 “home” games and 5 “road” games every other year. Georgia people who say they want a nine game SEC schedule really haven’t thought things through because it places the Dawgs at a serious disadvantage in certain years because of the WLOCP being played annually in Jacksonville. Every other year Georgia already ends up with only 3 SEC games being played in Sanford Stadium because Georgia is considered the “home” team in JAX that year. There will be years, with a nine game SEC schedule, where Georgia will have to play six SEC road games (5 true road games and the fictional “home” game in JAX) in order for the schedule for the entire conference to work out. We won’t like it but we’ll have to do it because the SEC sets the conference schedule, not B-M. Some may say: “That will not happen–they will just schedule 4 Georgia home games. 4 Georgia road games and the WLOCP game in JAX every year.” To them I say: That WILL happen. Just look at how Georgia had to play at Auburn two years in a row recently. With 14 SEC teams it is hard to make the master schedule work. There will be years that the SEC makes the Dawgs play a 5 away game schedule plus FU in JAX. Take it to the bank. How good will Georgia’s chances be to win the SEC East with a schedule like that? Pretty slim.


    • Dog in Fla

      And you may find yourself in a beautiful stadium
      With only thr3ee home games
      And you may ask yourself
      Well…How did I get here?


    • lakedawg

      Mayor you are absolutely right on. Would be huge disdvtge to Ga. Having to play Tech home and home would eliminate every getting to ply Clemson, ND or my other major schools.


    • 79Dawg

      Do you really think the league would set it up so Georgia and Florida would alternate taking it in the shorts every other year? Presumably, they would swing it to add another road game for the Dawgs in odd years and Florida would have their extra home game in odd years. We would both essentially have a 4-4-1 then…