“You take the games when you can get them…”

Not sure why this is puzzling to some:

The more interesting question is why certain schools, particularly those from the Football Championship Subdivision, are willing to accommodate the SEC’s scheduling needs and play at a point in the season when it may not be convenient for them.

C’mon, dude.  You really have to ask?

This week, for instance,Charleston Southern goes to No. 3 Alabama for a $500,000 payday.

A program’s gotta do what a program’s gotta do.


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10 responses to ““You take the games when you can get them…”

  1. There should be no games played between FBS and FCS schools. After the Devon Gales accident, we should take the lead on this and refuse to schedule FCS opponents. By the way, he is supposed to be at the game tonight. 92,000 people should be there to show their support for this young man.


    • PTC DAWG

      The FCS schools gotta eat too.


    • Macallanlover

      I agree, would love all these games be discontinued. Delaney and the Big? schools have done this already, and they look to be moving to nine conference games to join the PAC12 and Big 12 (of course no championship game in the Big 12 but that may be coming.) Fans deserve better schedules for the support they provide. Wish there were a way the Committee, and bowls could penalize schools who play FCS games for cheap wins. Earn them against other D-1 programs and let the 1-AA schools adjust their expenses to make it on their own. Look at what has happened recently in Georgia alone, new programs at Kennesaw, Mercer, and Ga. State to go along with Valdosta and W. Georgia. How much football is too much to support?


  2. Bulldog Joe


    Looking at the revenue generated from a TV game and a near full-house, $500K is a bargain.

    UGA netted $60M-plus from a 2013-1014 season which was not successful on the field, but was very successful off it.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    So us playing Ga Southern is just an example of trickle down economics? Its really kinda cool, TV gives to the big guys so the big guys can give a little to the little guys who don’t interest TV.


  4. mg4life0331

    People hate the cupcakes, but I feel bad for them if they couldnt get payouts from big school anymore due to playoff scheduling needs.


  5. Nate Dawg

    ‘Straight cash hommie..’ – Randy Moss


  6. Our next coach better stomp a mud-hole in Southern. I know everybody gets warm fuzzies about helping out little brother, but they sure as shit don’t give a shit about our feelings, do they? They came to win. I don’t mind playing them, but they need to be re-introduced to their place. And it ain’t taking the God Almighty Georgia Damn Bulldogs to overtime. And that’s all I got to say about that.