“I don’t think any rivalry I’ve been a part of is bigger than this.”

Jake Ganus has the best summary/reaction from last year’s loss to Tech you’ll ever see.

“I feel sick from that game, and I wasn’t even here.”

I was.

GATA, boys.


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13 responses to ““I don’t think any rivalry I’ve been a part of is bigger than this.”

  1. Cojones

    The team needed a leader and the man stepped up. Ganus doesn’t have any flies in his belfry that most new team members have; instead, he has a vision of what they want to be and he is leading in that direction. How else could a guy who was not even here be chagrined as to last year’s play?

    Sic’em Dawgs!


  2. Beer Money

    Forget it, Jake. It’s Tech.

    Protect your knees and watch out for the shots int he nuts in the pile.

    No matter who our coach is, no matter what our record is, no matter what is/is not on the line, Georgia Tech can eat shit. I plan on being there rowdy, loud, and obnoxious to all the StinkTalk assholes.


  3. Dawg Vegas

    I’ve said it already, but will again now, so I apologize in advance:

    I hate Tech.


  4. TMC dawg

    Tech can eat shit and for all I care.


  5. TMC dawg

    And die, sorry


  6. The other Doug

    In one year Ganus has become a DGD.


  7. Bright Idea

    Win, lose or draw the I know the Nerds will be in my face walking out of The Joke by the Coke tomorrow and on Sunday they will still wonder why we hate them while telling us how much smarter they are.


  8. tech just sux. Despise everything about them. Yet, we’ve become so inconsequential that ESPN doesn’t mention us in their promotions of rivalry week. Damn.


    • Or maybe it’s because we’re playing a 3-8 team.


      • Dog in Fla

        The greatest trick Mark Richt ever pulled was convincing ESPN that Tech did not exist.


        • I don’t want the tech series to end until we break the one record they own in the series … The Drought. When that happens, the tech game has become a no-win type of out-of-conference game. Win … No big deal because they suck, etc. Lose … And it’s a really big deal because that means it’s time to blow up the entire program. I don’t think we would be having this conversation about our head coach if we had beaten tech last year.