One way or the other, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Mark Bradley, of all people, gets McGarity’s choice right.

Once very nearly a great coach, Richt has descended to the ranks of the pretty good. Cold numbers tell us so. If you’re a decision-maker at Georgia, you have to ask: Is pretty good good enough for our proud and prosperous program? If it’s not, are you confident in Richt’s ability to lead the Bulldogs back to prominence? And if you aren’t, isn’t your choice clear?

Notice it’s got nothing to do with the Georgia Tech game.  If somebody like Bradley can frame the decision properly, why is it so hard for the people in Butts-Mehre to do the same?



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  1. sectionzalum

    ahem (puts on flak jacket) – i think that’s over-simplifying the issue. CMR made himself a much better coach after learning from (especially his first year) mistakes. point being that he has shown more than once an ability to stuff ego, admit error, and improve. between a new OC, a pain-in-the-ass-DC, underwhelming QB play, Chubb’s knee, the sheer volume of true freshmen playing big minutes, and improved recruiting, it seems like a possibility of a 10 win season is indication of some quality worth keeping. and don’t get me started on ethics……..


    • Grathams replacemeny

      He’s been a much improved coach the last 3 games since the other teams suck. He is responsible for recruiting, all those whiffs/ poor roster management resulting in the freshman playing and the QB situation. I don’t think there is a more ethical college coach employeed today. He’s a perfect candidate for Prince ave Christian or an Ivy League school.


  2. Doesn’t that just mean you answer the second question in the affirmative?


  3. Harvey

    I would imagine it actually has little to do with the Tech game and much more to do with an obvious policy choice. BM has made the decision to not make any coaching decisions until after the season is over.
    There are plenty of reasons for this-not the least of which is respect for the man who has coached this team for the past decade and a half.


  4. If Bradley can get it right, and the administration can’t—— that is a severe “blast” to the administration. Yep one way or the other make a decision and stick with it.
    As neither pro or con, I do have a question for the for the fire crowd. I know some of you have stated, we will give the new coach 3 or 4 years. Question is, how long before the bitching starts if things do not go the way you folks think? One game ,two.? Maybe three? Based on previous history from some fans, maybe spring practice?


  5. Tronan

    I’m saying what’s been said here many times before, but I don’t trust B-M to improve anything even if they let Richt go. The impending coaches’ market this offseason would separate them from too much of what they love more than wins and more than finishing first in a one-school self-righteousness contest: money.

    I’ve been ambivalent about Richt for a few years, but I can’t help but feel that he’s the best we’re ever going to get with the current decision-makers in Athens. Considering the noise in the system the last few weeks, I’m expecting they’ll fire him and hire the Gerry DiNardo of the ‘teens as a replacement.


  6. Castleberry

    Either way, if McGarity doesn’t go on record about Richt’s future shortly after the Tech game, then McG needs to go. It’s not ok to keep things twisting in the wind indefinitely. No more hiding behind the “focused on the next game” excuse.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    The decision’s already been made. If he wants it, CMR has the job at least another year. All the ajc histrionics aren’t gonna change that reality. The far bigger question is whether Pruitt stays. The next question after Pruitt is whether Schotty is booted.


  8. Mike Cooley

    Can these faceless boobs at Butts-Mehre be gotten fired? How entrenched are they? Or does anyone even have that much info on them?


  9. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I think McGarity knows what he wants to do but no decision has been announced either 1) because he’s decided to bring Richt back but doesn’t want to announce it before the end of the season out of a sense of respect for the members of the BOR who want Richt fired, or 2) he wants to talk to Richt and see if he’s willing to fire either or both co-ordinators, or 3) he’s decided to fire Richt but doesn’t want Richt’s end tarnished with the sort circus we’re seeing at LSU.


    • Normaltown Mike

      The Board of Regents?

      You understand that the BOR are appointed by the Governor to oversee the affairs of all universities, colleges and tech schools state wide? They’re as likely to determine CMR’s future as they are the 50 cent raise for a dish washer in Bolton Hall.

      If you’re referring to that piece of bull butter that Chip Towers published yesterday, you need to go back and read it more carefully.


      • 92 grad

        Yay, this is the deal. The BOR likely has the meeting scheduled for personnel reports soon and a representative will simply be given 5 minutes to make their recommendation and put to motion. The fate of CMR will likely take 5 minutes or less and the board at large would generally follow the representative’s recommendation.


  10. Rick

    No, Bradley is still as full of shit as any ‘sports journalist’ can be. Richt has always been a very good coach, never one of the truly elite, and has had exactly the ups and downs one would expect by random chance. We just don’t want to admit that because it reveals the capriciousness of life, and if you dig into that you will scratch uncomfortable issues surrounding your mortality.

    It is so simple. Fire Richt and you are firing the greatest coach school history. Could we replace him with someone better? You bet! Is it likely? Of course not.

    But hey, if he gets canned the same year as Spurrier and Miles we are guaranteed to be at worst the third stupidest program.


  11. lakedawg

    Not sure what suddenly got Marx Badley so quickly to be the hater he is. Maybe he and his butt hole buddy schmaltz or even closer relstionship than we know. Neither could work anywhere but that rag AJC.


  12. Mike Cooley

    Careful. Careful careful. Suggesting Bradley and Shultz might be , um, friends, and acting as if there is something wrong with that could get youYour of the circle of trust.


  13. Bright Idea

    How many times can one rag (AJC) and one talk box (680) say this? They will never let it go away regardless of what B-M does. They’ll just switch the subject to McGarity.


  14. HVL Dawg

    I think everything hinges on Kirby Smart. If Kirby comes out of the closet, Pruitt is on his way to Alabama, Shotty’s gone anyway and we’ll go ahead and make a clean sweep.


  15. Athens Dog

    Signs of the Apocalypse. Mark Bradley makes sense


  16. Maybe it is Mark Bradleys time to go……….


  17. Cojones

    Suggest that Bradley and Sgt Schultz both place medium-sized condoms on their large-sized dickhead egos.

    They aren’t from my University; why the hell are they driving the innuendos towards getting rid of my CFB Coach and staff and projecting part of his staff to other schools?

    Anyone want to join and push back with innuendoes of Seth taking over AJC Sports/Georgia along with other new bloods to purge the dusty old sports staff out?

    When asked if they had made reservations for the Peabody this year, they both replied that they weren’t going to Memphis.


  18. Gaskilldawg

    It is not a hard decision for Bradley. He does not have to pay the buyouts. After all, it is someone else’s money. He does not have to find a coach who will do better. (After all, Richt’s record over thd last 10 years. 2006 through today, is a 70.7% winning percentage. Dooley’s best 10 years was 1975-1984 and his wad 75.5%. Butts’s best was 1941-1950 and was 56.8%. The only coach with s better 10 year run was the Dooley years with the greatest player in history. )
    He suffers no consequences if the coach we hire does worse than Richt. No one will fire him if UGA screws up the replacement hire.

    Piece of cake for him.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Gaskill, stirring the pot is Mark Bradley’s job, he does not care if there is fallout, only that the pot is stirred and web interest is generated. That he does his job and we respond and add to the web presence is an indication Bradley is doing a good job. The only consequence he can suffer is losing his job.

      Really, it is his job to stir you up. When you, or anyone else responds, re-posts, etc, etc, you are telling Mark’s bosses how effective he is.

      It is not about commenting on the worth of coaches, it is about the vanity metrics the DJC bosses see. That is all Mark Bradley is about.


  19. The sunshine mafia can’t help falling over themselves to blame everyone but Richt for Richts problems.

    Mark Bradley didn’t start Faton Bauta against Florida. And he didn’t hire Brian Schottenheimer or go out and recruit Grayson Lambert.

    And he most certainly isn’t the only one discussing Richt’s job.


  20. Jonathan

    It’s funny how as a collective, this group always thinks Mark Bradley writes a bunch of crap every week, unless he’s writing something about firing the coach – then he’s a Pulitzer Prize winner. Me thinks most of these people were also calling to play Bauta. Just saying.


    • It’s funnier how collectively you clowns seek to discredit everyone who doesn’t think CMR is Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. That was effective seven years ago. Now, not so much.