Rolling with Mr. Conventional Wisdom

Tony Barnhart is always there when you need him.

And he’ll be there to defend the suit who fires McGarity one day, if that should happen.


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  1. pumblechook014

    Sorry, but what a crock of shit. McGarity sits there deflecting while Richt answers the same questions honestly. In what world is the person you’ve just fired supposed to answer questions about why you fired him while you get a pass?


    • reggie

      Just another GD government employee refusing to answer a legitimate question about firing the state’s highest paid, most prominent employee.


  2. sectionzalum

    quite the dutiful lickspittle.


  3. Rick

    Guys, the AD address is public info:


    • tmflibrarian

      While I love the idea (because glitter is a nightmare as anyone who has young daughters or nieces will tell you), but we are angry at McGarity, NOT his assistant. He’ll probably just fire her for making a mess.


  4. Not sure how anyone comes out of that press conference looking more spineless than Florida Gregor…but Mr. College Football managed. Attaboy.


  5. Bright Idea

    So stand up and move to the side of the room. Tony’s only reinforcing that McGarity is gutless.


  6. Flukebucket

    Comment shamelessly stolen from somebody else somewhere…

    “All about the championships right? That’s how UGA athletic department leaders are judged now?

    Greg McGarity has been AD since mid-August of 2010, or for roughly 5 years, 3 months, and 2 weeks. Since that time, all Georgia athletics teams have won a combined FOUR SEC titles, 3 of which came in women’s swimming/diving, and THREE national championships: 2 in women’s swimming/diving and 1 in equestrian.

    In the 5 years, 3 months, and 2 weeks prior to McGarity becoming AD, or from early May 2005 through mid-August 2010, Georgia athletics captured TWENTY SEC titles, and TEN national championships: 4 in gymnastics, and 3 each for men’s tennis and equestrian.

    Pardon me while I tune all this out and just get back to work.”

    And help me understand this. Wouldn’t somebody have just told McGarity to fire Richt and McGarity had to fire Richt? If big money is calling the shots wasn’t that decision made by somebody else somewhere?


  7. Join me in acknowledging the loss of, Coach Mark Richt, arguably the best football coach the University of Georgia has ever had. I am placing a strip of black tape across the “G” logos on my vehicle much like law enforcement officers do when they lose one of their own. I will remove it when a new coach is named but for now it will my small way to acknowledge my respect for the man and the job he did for my alma mater. Share if you like. I would love to see “G”s all over Georgia with the “mourning” tape across them. Go Dawgs! Commit to the G!


    • Bro Tereshinski III

      The man didn’t die, Mark, no need to be so dramatic. UGA has, and always will be, bigger than one person. I’m as sad to see CMR go as anyone, but I’m not going to get mournful over a decision that any big-time athletic department would make.


      • Rick

        Nope, completely unprecedented. No athletic department has ever fired a coach this successful. Frank Solich is the closest, but not that close.

        We have made a move no AD has ever made. If this was a good move, it means no AD has ever fired a coach in error in the history of the game. Seems kind of unlikely.


      • Not implying he died and while disappointed that they pulled the trigger without giving him one more year to get the OC and QB position fixed, I am not in mourning. Just wanted a simple way to show my respect for the job he’s done for the UGA program. I attended Georgia beginning in 1979 so I have lived the highs and the lows. After this much time, I don’t even get as excited, surprised or as disappointed as I used to. For instance, it doesn’t surprise me that they would fire him without seemingly having a plan or anyone lined up waiting in the wings. This will either be the smartest move ADGM ever made or a complete fiasco…Time will tell..


  8. sUGArdaddy

    I agree with Tony. There’s not reason to trash Richt there. What’s he supposed to say? “Mark just didn’t get it done in the big games and we decided it was time to move on.” “Mark hasn’t won a championship in 10 years, and we don’t think he can win one in the next 10.”

    No win situation for McGarity there. It was a tough decsion, but the presser was about celebrating and thanking Mark Richt. I’m not McGarity fan, but goodness, we don’t need to be so nit-pickey here. He’s under no obligation to tell us anything.


    • Granthams replacement

      GM should let CMR have a press conference alone, then at a later time GM hold a press conference. GM either lied during the press conference multiple times, he is totally incompetent or both.


    • Who said it has to involve trashing Richt? I find it interesting that a number of people have assumed this.

      If it’s about W’s and L’s (and more specifically, too many bad Ls, not enough quality Ws), say so. If it’s about lack of championships, say so (which is only fair, even though it puts your neck in the noose).

      It’s entirely reasonable to expect McGarity to comment on this. Even with Richt sitting right there.


    • A10Penny

      The masses have lost their minds for now. No sense reasoning yet.


  9. 3rdandGrantham

    I am NOT a ADGM fan…but he handled that PC as well as you possibly could. Some of you are acting like a bunch of emotional 11 year olds who just got picked last for kickball during PE.

    If ADGM would have said, CMR didn’t win enough, thank you very much, and we damn right we have a guy in place but GFY if you think I’m going to tell you our strategy…many of you would be villifying him x100 right now.

    Some of the comments here sadly reaffirm why politicians are, well, politicians and rarely tell you the entire truth. They smartly know the US populace is far too unintelligent and emotionally insecure to handle the truth, or things they might not want to hear.


    • anon

      best comment in 6 years on this site


    • If ADGM would have said, CMR didn’t win enough, thank you very much, and we damn right we have a guy in place but GFY if you think I’m going to tell you our strategy…many of you would be villifying him x100 right now.

      I don’t think that was McGarity’s only other option.

      One example – he couldn’t even say what coaches were on the road recruiting right now.

      You have a fan base that’s upset, even McGarity acknowledged that. To some extent, your job is to assure those fans that you’ve got things organized and under control. You can do that without showing your hand regarding your future intentions. I didn’t hear any of that today.


    • 100% agree. Great comment.


  10. Cousin Eddie

    He didn’t want to say why Richt was fired because that would have been the stick everyone used to beat him and the next guy with if he didn’t meet those public qualifiers.


    • jntiii

      Exactly. What is the objective standard the coach must meet? Or are you just making it up as you go along.

      If the new guy is not better than 9-3 next year, is he a failure? If not, why not?


  11. Bulldog Joe

    I didn’t see the press conference, but I agree with Tony.

    There is no benefit in trashing Greg. Greg is not the person responsible for the skimming of funds out the athletic program for the last 10-15 years. That individual no longer with the University. It’s time to get over it.

    Greg is one of the key individuals responsible for getting us out of that death march and he is not working alone.

    I support both he and Jere in getting the right people for the job. It is a big moment for both of them and a groundswell of support from our alumni and fan base increases our likelihood of success.


    • Greg is not the person responsible for the skimming of funds out the athletic program for the last 10-15 years. That individual no longer with the University. It’s time to get over it.

      I think I said something about this in a post this morning. Thanks for heeding my wishes.


      • Bulldog Joe

        Senator, I’ve been working today and checked in on lunch break.

        I didn’t read all the blog entries from this morning but I saw a lot of lot of complaints about Greg in the comments of one of the most recent posts. Didn’t see how those complaints were going help us now.

        Did I cross the line on something?


        • If I understood your comment correctly, you were taking a personal shot at Richt. If I’m wrong about that, let me know.


          • Bulldog Joe

            Not my intention at all. Quite the opposite, actually.

            That comment was referencing an individual who held a much higher position than Coach Richt.

            I respect Coach Richt for persevering through what was referenced above and I expect he will get a much-deserved ovation at Sanford Stadium when the time is right.

            His time will come. It’s time to support Greg and Jere now.


  12. Cojones

    You placed an “l” where an “i” should be when you wrote “rolling”.


  13. PTC DAWG

    I thought the PC was just fine. CMR handled himself very well. No need for McGarity to say much, the deed has been done, we all know why.


  14. Chickamona

    I’m not sure McGarity’s mistake today was in not giving details while sitting next to the guy he just fired. That could have been very difficult and awkward and even insensitive. Could have led to a almost back-and-forth as the two obviously disagreed.

    I think the mistake was in having a joint press conference at all, which inhibited answering that question and communicating his decision to the fan base, so they can better understand that led to it. PR hasn’t been his strong suit and he could have used an opportunity to communicate a bit more, but tied himself up with that awkward setting. Meanwhile, he was also sitting there next to Richt who put on a master class in how to be classy and good natured in the face of clearly disappointing circumstances. Didn’t provide a favorable comparison, either.


    • I think the mistake was in having a joint press conference at all…

      Bingo. If it was all about Richt, as McGarity said, then make it all about Richt.


      • Will Jere get the PR people at Grady and the leadership people at Terry to give him a crash course in how to do his job especially in crisis? The guy has blown every crisis he has faced in his job in the last 5 years.


  15. Lrgk9

    Who told you to say that?