SEC Power Poll, Week 13


And so, another regular season comes to an end.  This last week made one thing painfully apparent:  this is the most mediocre the SEC has been in years.

As I always do in the last PP of the year, net yards per game for each team will appear in a pathetic attempt to make it look like my evaluations mean something.  (A blogger’s gotta try, you know.)

  1. Alabama (+156.7).  The opening betting line for the SECCG is the largest in twenty years.
  2. Mississippi (+127.3).  The most puzzling team in the conference, hands down.
  3. Florida (+68.3).  Jim McElwain gets my vote as conference coach of the year.  And you know it pains me to say that about a Florida coach.
  4. Mississippi State (+66.4).  A nice year.  Not a great year, but a nice one.
  5. Arkansas (+52.7).  If the Hogs played in the East this season, could they have won the division?
  6. Tennessee (+52.1).  I’m probably giving the Vols too much credit for November.
  7. LSU (+76.5).  The Hat is back, baybee!  SEC Bloggers rejoice in their good fortune.
  8. Georgia (+83.4).  Yes, that’s the third best net yardage figure in the SEC.  No, Georgia isn’t the third best team in the SEC.
  9. Texas A&M (+55.8).  I don’t think this is the kind of season a $5 million a year coach is supposed to have.
  10. Auburn. (-54.5).  It’s something to think about how far short of preseason hype this team fell in 2015.  But for an overtime win against a FCS squad, the Gus Bus would be winterized and up on blocks in the garage now.
  11. Vanderbilt (-24.0).  Is it fair to say that a 4-8, 2-6 season exceeded expectations?  Sadly, yes.
  12. Kentucky (-22.2).  Remember when Mark Stoops got a big raise in the middle of 2014?  Good times, then.
  13. Missouri (-21.1).  You had a feeling when Arkansas scored that first touchdown, Mizzou’s season was over.
  14. South Carolina (-67.6).  Down and out.  And a long way to go to get back.

There you have it:  two good teams, several meh ones and a few poor ones.  2015 won’t go down as the SEC’s finest hour.


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12 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 13

  1. roswelldawg

    I have mixed emotions about Mark’s leaving. I believe that there is no man more able to shape young men in a positive way than Mark in any football program I know of, at least at the D-1 national level. The lack of overall achievement is and has always been a puzzle but revealing in a way. I wish him the absolute best and hope that we have a man coming in who will have the tools and resources he needs (wake up, B-M) but who also has a focus on character, in his staff and players, so we don’t have a carnival ride of misbehavior and shortcomings. We don’t need a misadventure such as Jimbo and the mess that was Jameis at Athens. Pruitt deserves to stay but if Kirby comes in, he is gone. Not so much if Tom Herman makes it here.


  2. Timphd

    I am not convinced McElwain is the end all/be all of Florida football despite winning the East. I do believe Arky would have won the east this year, as would Ole Miss and Miss St. I do remember that even Boom had an 11-2 season for the Gators. I am still hopeful that McElwain just took advantage of a very weak east, and that he is a one hit wonder. How I hate the Gators.


    • Biggus Rickus

      They got a little lucky and benefited from a down East. He inherited a strong defense and a terrible offense. I expect their offense will improve dramatically within the next two years. The question is whether or not he can maintain a similar level of defensive play once his own players are in the system.


  3. JasonC

    If MSU beats Ole Miss, is Mullen the SEC COY over McElwain? Because as good as McElwain has done, he’s looking less great with Harris at the helm.

    Also, with Richt out, who is next to go: Miles, Stoops or Gus?


  4. Russ

    Florida is too high.

    And remember, Boom went 11-2 his first year. Was ranked as high as #2 before losing the Cocktail Party.


  5. UGA85

    The disparity between East and West is ridiculous. It’s almost like the East’s chronic mediocrity/badness has pulled down the West a bit. Competition is desperately needed for the conference; the SECCG has become a joke.


  6. Bob

    The SEC overall is down. Florida is not close to being 3d best team in the conference. They should get points for first downs come Saturday.

    I hope the new guy is Herman, but am afraid the fix is in. The boosters want Kirby. So our so called Top 5 program in the country has to go the coordinator route. Yep, this all makes sense.


    • Timphd

      Agree on Herman. I can’t believe an unproven assistant is the best we can do. Even if he is a UGA grad, there is no evidence that being a graduate makes the chances of your success higher than someone from outside the program. Kirby may turn out to be a great head coach, but surely the program has higher reach than that. If you fire Richt and settle for an assistant, you didn’t think this one through.


  7. Nate Dawg

    Man, if that crazy lateral thingy doesn’t work, Ole Miss is in Atl this weekend with a chance at revenge on the gatah’s and maybe a shot at the final 4 despite loosing to Memphis (the shot at revenge might get them in). And it would have been their first trip to the SECCG, too. Wow.
    Oh, and awbarn…that’s a “wow” there too, just totally of a different kind…