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We have this lovely parting gift for you.

Per Schlabach,

Richt, 55, is expected to receive a contract similar to the one he had at Georgia, the sources said. The Bulldogs paid him $4 million per season and they will still owe him a $4.1 million buyout, regardless of what he earns at Miami.

Bet there are a few vindictive boosters who give McGarity a hard time about honoring an unsigned contract.



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Nick Saban doesn’t have time for that shi… Kirby Smart question.

No word yet on what the bottle’s official title is.


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Nobody loves you when you’re down and out.

Man, this is like seeing what the Soviets did to Stalin after he died.


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Lightning strikes twice.

Amusing little factoid for you here:

The last SEC championship won by a coach with no head-coaching experience before joining the league? Richt in 2005.


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At least they spelled his name right.

Well, now.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict that when they write Greg McGarity’s job tribute one day, it won’t contain the phrase “Georgia’s beloved athletic director”.


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Learning from the master

Scouring the Internet so you don’t have to, I’ve got a couple of links to share with you that may shed some light on what may be inside Kirby Smart’s head as he gets ready to become Georgia’s next head coach:



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Mark Bradley and Greg McGarity

Get a room, you two.


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“If you don’t spend the time, you’ll suck.”

How can college football improve officiating?  Well, all it takes is more money.  You can guess what that means.

“I think every official is underpaid at every level given the pressure and scrutiny, but there’s only so many dollars to go around,” McAulay said. “At what point would you see measurable improvement? I tend to think that regardless of whether they’re full-time, part-time or the salary goes up, there’s going to be this outcry week after week that this call and that call is missed.”

Dude, if that’s the case, just get eight random guys off the street and give ’em a shot.  We’re sure to be understanding if we know they’re complete amateurs.


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“It’s our job to find the coaches. It’s not Jimmy Sexton’s job.”

Jeremy Foley actually said that after this happened:

Last year, for instance, Florida fired Muschamp, a Sexton client, and replaced him with McElwain, a Sexton client, then used Sexton’s expertise in negotiating McElwain’s $7 million buyout at Colorado State, a complicated process that included the scheduling of a future game between the schools as compensation. The Gators then paid Muschamp a $6.3 million buyout for the remaining four years on his contract and watched as Sexton landed Muschamp a deal as the defensive coordinator at Auburn for $1.6 million a year, making him the highest-paid assistant in the country.

How sweet was that?  I’m not even sure how to keep up with all the fees Sexton earned along the way of all those twists and turns.

That’s Greg McGarity’s new business partner.  Think he’s overmatched?


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The Smart hire, McGarity edition

There isn’t much to add, honestly, from what’s been bandied about already.

McGarity’s nonsense at the presser about not reaching a final decision to dismiss Mark Richt until after the Tech game, hiring a search firm and conducting a wide open search for a successor is belied by how soon afterwards the Smart hire was made public.  What a conveniently timed leak, eh?

That the news came out so quickly after those remarks and before the new deal has been finalized should tell you that McGarity is feeling some heat about the process and was increasingly sensitive about that.  (So should this.)

It’s been a especially dysfunctional year for Georgia football.  That’s not entirely McGarity’s fault, but he’s far from blameless.  If the Smart hire works out, no doubt the events leading up to it will be brushed aside, but if not, there will be some fingers pointing his way.  I’m not sure how much that matters, to tell you the truth.  What did matter was that McGarity wanted a hire of his own choosing in the head coaching slot at Georgia, and that’s what he got.

The bad thing for Kirby is that he’s going to have to work around the negative energy that McGarity has created.  (Although, not surprisingly, Bradley and Schultz both think McGarity’s done well with this.)  That’s not fair, but sometimes life isn’t.


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