“If you don’t spend the time, you’ll suck.”

How can college football improve officiating?  Well, all it takes is more money.  You can guess what that means.

“I think every official is underpaid at every level given the pressure and scrutiny, but there’s only so many dollars to go around,” McAulay said. “At what point would you see measurable improvement? I tend to think that regardless of whether they’re full-time, part-time or the salary goes up, there’s going to be this outcry week after week that this call and that call is missed.”

Dude, if that’s the case, just get eight random guys off the street and give ’em a shot.  We’re sure to be understanding if we know they’re complete amateurs.



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8 responses to ““If you don’t spend the time, you’ll suck.”

  1. I got a better idea, lets just raise student fees to pay for better officiating. Or cut a few more non revenue sports across the college landscape and use some of that saved money…


  2. It is a hard job that requires a lot of subjective analysis. Like when to throw a flag for signaling “incomplete pass” but keeping the hankie in your pocket after a QB sack when the tackler stands up and does a grand slam swing.


  3. With all of the money floating around, why can’t they get the conferences out of the officiating business all together and have the Power 5 form an officials’ association similar to the NFL model? Officiating is terrible because the game is faster and the officials are older. It doesn’t have a damn bit to do with how much these guys are paid. I was at a number of high school games in Atlanta this fall, and there are always 1 or 2 on the crew who can barely get their beer bellies out of the way. We feel the effects at UGA of crappy SEC officiating regardless of what the suits in Birmingham think. Otherwise, PWG wouldn’t be in the Senator’s lexicon. While you see NFL officials make mistakes, they aren’t rampant and typically aren’t game-changing.


    • And if an NFL crew makes an egregious error, the entire crew pays the price.

      When an SEC crew doesn’t get it right, Steve Shaw just says, “Tough $___. Better luck next time.”


    • Spotting is horrible in GHS Football, especially with fast moving spread attacks. It is not unusual to see offiicials miss the spot by a yard because they can’t move fast enough.


  4. Noonan

    I have never understood why an organization with the money and prestige of the SEC would hire moonlighting old insurance salesman to enforce the rules of play. Why not hire a bunch of recent graduates and pay them $50,000 a year. During the off season they could watch film every day for 8 hours.


  5. Add true review. Official in booth that has 5 seconds to make a call or reverse a call and have it on every play. Holding, OL down field, fumble, out of bounds, etc. Have him a true part of the officiating crew with the ability to mic down to the lead field official to toss the flag.


  6. Debby Balcer

    This needs to be an issue for the NCAA it hurt Duke big time. I agree that professionals like the NFL and real consequences when botch a game changing call are needed.