Learning from the master

Scouring the Internet so you don’t have to, I’ve got a couple of links to share with you that may shed some light on what may be inside Kirby Smart’s head as he gets ready to become Georgia’s next head coach:



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30 responses to “Learning from the master

  1. Jared S.

    If he brings Will Muschamp to Georgia, I will cry.


  2. ugadawgguy

    I see nothing to debunk the widely-held belief that Smart has happily affixed himself to Saban’s coattails for nearly the entirety of his career.

    Seriously, how much personal responsibility can ANY Saban assistant have for his aspect of the team, with Saban being the notorious micromanager that he is? Particularly on defense, Saban’s specific area of expertise and involvement?


    • Look at it this way: Smart’s time under Saban is similar to Saban’s time under Belichick. (Of course, that may not make some folks feel so good as well.)


    • Jared S.

      I see a whole lot of Saban involvement on the side line… but it’s not on the defensive side. He looks cool as a cucumber when his defense is operating, but he usually looks like he’s gonna have a conniption whenever Kiffin’s offense is operating.


  3. Doggoned

    Obviously, and for good reason, he’s tight with Muschamp. Let’s hope Will get another job somewhere else, though. Or gets counseling.


  4. Argondawg

    If Muschamp starts working directly for us the whole “Agent Muschamp” thing gets confusing. Is he a double agent?

    All joking aside if Kirby wants Muschamp then I am ok with that. We are making wholesale changes and will be working on “the process” model. Muschamp will free Kirby up to do what he needs to do. We need to have confidence in this hire. I hate to see Pruitt leave. Obviously there is a reason Smart doesn’t want him and he knows Pruitt better than us and defense better than us. The combo of Muschamp and Smart recruiting together has to scare the shit out of other programs.


    • James Stephenson

      Defensively, hell yes. I mean say what you want about Muschamp, but those defensive players he brought in just won UF the SEC East.


    • Sanford222view

      I like the idea of Smart and Pruitt recruiting together even better. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen even if we are spared Muschamp because he takes the USCjr job.

      Coach Boom is a good defensive coach despite the fact UGA has had good success against his defenses. My problem is how he acts on the sidelines. It is one thing to be fiery and intense but he takes it to a whole new level that is just plain embarrassing for both him and the team/school he is representing.


    • Q

      I thought the conflict was btw McGarity and Pruitt rather than Smart and Pruitt. What’d I miss?


      • Merk

        Rumors have popped up about Smart and Pruitt, I have not seen anything that shows it really exists though. However, as stated Pruitt rubbed BM the wrong way when he tried to make them start spending money on the program.


    • Debby Balcer

      It is not Smart that does not want Pruitt it is McGarity.


      • Argondawg

        Maybe Pruitt becomes a back up if the Muschamp hire doesn’t work out. I think McGarity said “hire whoever you want as long as it is not Pruitt.


      • GaskillDawg

        Pruitt does not want to work at Georgia as long as McGarity is in charge. Does nt matter if McGarity changes his mind.


  5. Granite-Dawg

    Did Erk need counseling? We have rabbid sissy fans.


    • The Truth

      I may not have been watching as closely, or had as many media outlets make every move readily available for scrutiny, but I don’t think Erk’s intensity ever manifested itself against the refs or players the same way the psychopath we know as Boom’s does.


    • Ginny

      Yeah there’s a difference between being fiery and just being a complete ass. Boom’s tantrum in the Iron Bowl cost his team 15 yards which directly led to 3 points for Bama. Not to mention it was just plain embarrassing. How can you expect your players to be disciplined when you aren’t?


  6. Butler T. Reynolds

    Wow. Just reading about Saban and Bryant makes me feel like such a loser.


  7. Merk

    While I am not a fan of Muschamp, having him on staff could be quite useful for Smart given his lack of HC experience, as he can give great advice about what he did that worked well and what he did that got him fired.


  8. Bro Tereshinski III

    Was Boom a bad HC at Florida? You bet. But let’s keep in mind that 1) his defenses were pretty good, and 2) he spent a good deal of time cleaning up the aftermath of Corch’s love for shady characters with discipline issues.

    Muschamp does a couple things really really well in this world: coach defense and recruit defensive players. As DC that would be the entirety of his job description. I would be more than happy to have him as our DC.

    Does he get animated? Yeah. Did he cost Aubie 15 yards in the Iron Bowl? Yeah, but what’s his blow-up to flag ratio? It’s got be somewhere around 63,000 to 1.

    As much as we all like to say that he’s an ass, or a psycho, or an [insert insult here], I haven’t heard one player say that they disliked playing for him nor have I heard one coach say that he was difficult to work with. From everything I’ve heard, he’s a nice guy who takes football a little too seriously. Not gonna write him off as a DC because of that.


    • Kevin

      Will’s HUGE mistake was hiring Charlie Weiss to coach the offense. He never recovered.


    • The problem comes if he does totally lose it and pull a Woody Hayes. He seemed really close in the Bama game. Someone would have to have him on a really tight rein. Besides haven’t a great deal of the UGA fan base complained about a former coach who had no emotion, no fire in his belly. There would be emotion for sure.


  9. 69Dawg

    UGA has been screwed by the SEC refs for years. The SEC refs are obviously tried of Muschamps BS. They had to take more of it when he was the HC of UF but they don’t have to take it from an assistant coach. I don’t think they threw him out of the Iron Bowl but when the Referee walks over to the HC and tells him your coach is either going to shut up or I will eject him it time for anger management. After that little exchange Muschamp was not heard from again. The other problem with him is that ESPN and CBS now keep a camera on him during games to catch him acting up. With SOS gone Will has become must see TV. How else do you think we got to enjoy the closeup of cussing the line judge out for a call that he didn’t even make.