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Gettin’ the band back together? Two thumbs up!

I’m just gonna leave this one hanging out there for you guys.


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Bigger fish to fry

In case you were wondering…

Gonna be a fun couple of weeks of bowl practice, that’s for sure.


UPDATE:  Somebody’s in charge.


UPDATE #2:  More details from Seth Emerson.

UGA said in a statement that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt – as well as “all other assistant coaches” – will “remain in their present roles with current responsibilities.”

McClendon was described by several people close to Georgia’s staff as a good choice for the role.

“I’ve asked Bryan to assume all administrative duties of the head coach,” athletics director Greg McGarity said in a statement. “This will be the least disruptive option for our players and staff as they begin preparations for our bowl game.”

WSB reporter Zach Klein first reported the news, and a source later told Klein that Richt became “very emotional” at the meeting, telling players he had “all intentions” of coaching the bowl game, but the Miami job was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.



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Fun with numbers

Quite the dilemma here:

But the contracts for Pruitt and Schottenheimer offer a different reading, as they’re set up differently.

Pruitt and Schottenheimer are each still under contract for two more seasons after this one. The buyout on each of their deals is the remaining salary, so in Pruitt’s case (his salary is $1.3 million) it would be approximately $2.6 million, and for Schottenheimer it would be approximately $1.9 million.

Neither is expected to be retained by incoming head coach Kirby Smart. (Though it has yet to be ruled out, as Smart has not said anything publicly yet.)

If either Pruitt or Schottenheimer accepts another job between now and when Smart takes over, then UGA is essentially in the clear on their buyouts. Again, that’s according to a reading of their contracts and a source familiar with the situation.

But if Pruitt or Schottenheimer has not accepted a job by the time they are officially not retained by Smart – in essence, fired – then they are owed their buyout.

However, unlike Richt, if either coordinator subsequently takes another job then whatever they are earning would be prorated out of what UGA owes them.

Seems to me if you’re Jeremy Pruitt, you might think about offering your services to an enterprising head coach at a significant discount for the next couple of seasons.  If you’re Greg McGarity, maybe you’re whispering in Smart’s ear not to rush into any hasty coordinator hiring decisions.

And, yes, I’m kidding.  I think.



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Rabbit’s feet don’t fail me now.

Never one to want to fall behind a trend, ESPN jump starts the Gus Bus 2016 Hot Seat meme.


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A day late and $795000 short

Harvey Updyke’s not doing too well with those restitution payments to Auburn.


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No man can serve two masters.

Unless he’s an incoming Georgia football head coach, that is.

It looks like it will take awhile for Kirby Smart to take over as Georgia’s coach on a full-time basis.

Smart is expected to remain with Alabama through the national playoff or even its bowl. That’s according to Phil Savage, who is the radio analyst for Alabama games. Savage’s remarks came on XM/Sirius radio.

The two national semifinal games are on Dec. 31, while the national championship is Jan. 11.

Sure as hell hope Kirby gets his staff in place ASAP.  He’ll need all the help he can get on the recruiting trail.


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When they say it’s not just about the money…

Shorter LSU President F. King Alexander:  Yeah, handing Les Miles $15 million while we’re begging the state for more money probably wouldn’t be such a hot idea.


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