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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

I’m so amazed by this decision that I think I’ve lost my capacity to mock it.

Barring a last minute, Cleveland Browns assistant Kurt Roper is expected to be named offensive coordinator at South Carolina by new head football coach Will Muschamp.

The 43-year old Roper was offensive coordinator at Florida in 2014…

Florida finished twelfth in the conference in total offense in 2014.

I can’t help but wonder if Boom told the AD during the interview process that he planned on bringing Roper back.  Wow.



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Guess who’s coming to dinner.

This has some massive potential for awkwardness.

Mark Richt and his now former Georgia players still may get together one more time next week.

“I might go to the senior awards banquet,” the former Bulldog and newly hired Miami head coach told WQAM radio in South Florida  on Friday. “The seniors asked me if I would come back. If it doesn’t disrupt the business of getting ready here at Miami, I’ll be there. Other than that, I’ll be here working.”

Um… what about the business of getting ready in Athens?

Look, I get why the seniors would ask him to do that.  But he’s no longer a part of the program.  If it’s about keeping up with the players he once coached, that’s what the Paul Oliver Network is for, something I hope he doesn’t let lapse now that he’s at Miami.

I’d like to think it doesn’t come to someone telling him it would be best not to attend, but that quote makes it sound like he’s not considering a graceful way out.


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We didn’t hire him to be an English teacher.

Marc Weiszer has more details on Smart’s contract.  Check this out:

Here are the performance bonuses for Smart:

–$150,000 for reaching the SEC championship game or $400,000 for winning the SEC championship.

–$200,000 for finishing top five in either AP or coaches’ poll.

–Postseason bowls (whichever is greatest)

–$1 million for winning national title

–$600,00 for playing in national championship game.

–$500,000 for reaching national semifinals

–$200,000 for playing in Sugar, Roe, Orange, Cotton, Fiesta or Peach bowls

–$100,00 for playing in Citrus Bowl.

–$75,000 for playing in TaxSlayer, Outback, Belk, Music City, Texas or Liberty bowls

–$50,000 for playing in Birmingham or Independence bowls.


–$50,000 if team finished in top third of SEC teams in Graduation Success Rate and Academic Progress Rate.

So, making the Belk Bowl is a more lucrative priority for Smart than good APR.

If this is a Jimmy Sexton vs. The Georgia Way battle, Sexton appears to be winning.


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Jimmy Sexton makes bank.

Salary?  Yeah, there’s some.

Looks like McGarity didn’t get much of a newbie head coach/homecookin’ discount.


UPDATE:  The buyout is eye-popping.

Of course, if he does well in the first three years, you can tear that sucker up.  You know Sexton will.


UPDATE #2:  It’s the little details I love.


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“I believe Kirby Smart is the perfect fit for the University of Georgia.”

It’s official.

I assume McGarity believes that about every coach he hires.  I won’t hold that against Kirby, though.


UPDATE:  Sounds like somebody was in a hurry to get the news out.


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The deal is done.

It sounds like our short national nightmare is about to end.

Kirby Smart will officially become Georgia’s head coach early Sunday afternoon. The University announced that it will hold a telephonic meeting with the executive committee of the UGA Athletic Association board of directors at 12:30 p.m. for the purpose of “discussion and deliberation of the hiring and compensation of a public employee.”

As the AJC and DawgNation reported last week, that person is Smart.

There will be no news conference on Sunday, the school said. That is expected to take place on Monday at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education.

Color me both relieved and excited.

Details to follow, of course.  And you know what they say about the devil in those…


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Random morning question

For those of you who watched the SECCG last night – do you really think Georgia’s current defensive personnel match up talentwise from front to back with either of the two defenses we saw?  ‘Cause I’m not seeing it, especially on the defensive line.


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So you say there’s a chance…

… for Jeremy Pruitt to stay at Georgia?


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And so, we wait.

Seth Emerson reports that Kirby Smart is expected to close the deal in the next day or so, but hasn’t finalized things like staffing decisions yet.

As for offensive coordinator and other positions, one person familiar with his thinking cautioned that Smart’s attention has been on the SEC championship, as well as making sure he had assurances from Georgia on resources for staffing and other financial matters.

Oh, I don’t think you have to be that familiar with his thinking to know that.


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In Sakerlina, more and more, it’s looking like Boom, MF.

Bruce Feldman reports that Rich Rodriguez turned down an offer to succeed the OBC, so it appears ‘Cock Nation turns its lonely eyes to Agent Muschamp.

Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp has agreed in principle to be South Carolina’s new head coach, according to a source. According to the source, the deal is “all but done.”

Muschamp would return to a head-coaching role after one season coaching Auburn’s defense. Under Muschamp, the Tigers improved their yards allowed per play from 5.7 to 5.5 and held opponents to 21 points or fewer five times but went a disappointing 6–6 this season.

Prior to Auburn, Muschamp coached Florida for four seasons, compiling a 28–21 record, including a 17–15 mark in SEC play. He led the Gators to an 11–2 campaign and a Sugar Bowl berth in 2012 but won just 10 games over the next two years and was fired at the end of the ’14 season. Muschamp would now annually go head-to-head against his former school and his successor, Jim McElwain, in the SEC’s East Division.

Hard to see how this isn’t good news for Georgia.  Muschamp knows how to recruit Florida.  And Gus has to go find another defensive coordinator now, something that probably won’t be an easy sell.  (Although Jeremy Pruitt might be a match made in heaven in the land of second chances.  I wonder what Trigga Tray would think of that.)

But, yes, if the rumors that Boom was Kirby Smart’s first choice to run Georgia’s defense next season are true, he’ll have to find a Plan B.  He’ll manage.

Speaking of second chances, I guess Columbia is the place where ex-Gator coaches go to… whatever.  McElwain can take some comfort in knowing he’ll have a place to land if things ever go south with Florida.


UPDATE:  This is getting better.  Boom is in the process of blowing up Auburn’s defensive staff.

Secondary coach Travaris Robinson will follow defensive coordinator Will Muschamp to South Carolina, where he will be defensive coordinator, AuburnUndercover has learned.

Robinson, a former All-Southeastern Conference Auburn safety, followed Muschamp from Florida to Auburn a year ago. Robinson was offered a raise and a contract extension to stay at Auburn. It is not clear if he was offered an opportunity to be defensive coordinator.

Muschamp, named Auburn defensive coordinator last Dec. 12, will be introduced Monday as the head coach at South Carolina.

Defensive assistant Lance Thompson also has an offer from South Carolina. It is not certain whether he will take it.

Both Robinson and Thompson are great recruiters.  Gus is gonna have a major rebuild problem on his hands if both leave.


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