In Sakerlina, more and more, it’s looking like Boom, MF.

Bruce Feldman reports that Rich Rodriguez turned down an offer to succeed the OBC, so it appears ‘Cock Nation turns its lonely eyes to Agent Muschamp.

Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp has agreed in principle to be South Carolina’s new head coach, according to a source. According to the source, the deal is “all but done.”

Muschamp would return to a head-coaching role after one season coaching Auburn’s defense. Under Muschamp, the Tigers improved their yards allowed per play from 5.7 to 5.5 and held opponents to 21 points or fewer five times but went a disappointing 6–6 this season.

Prior to Auburn, Muschamp coached Florida for four seasons, compiling a 28–21 record, including a 17–15 mark in SEC play. He led the Gators to an 11–2 campaign and a Sugar Bowl berth in 2012 but won just 10 games over the next two years and was fired at the end of the ’14 season. Muschamp would now annually go head-to-head against his former school and his successor, Jim McElwain, in the SEC’s East Division.

Hard to see how this isn’t good news for Georgia.  Muschamp knows how to recruit Florida.  And Gus has to go find another defensive coordinator now, something that probably won’t be an easy sell.  (Although Jeremy Pruitt might be a match made in heaven in the land of second chances.  I wonder what Trigga Tray would think of that.)

But, yes, if the rumors that Boom was Kirby Smart’s first choice to run Georgia’s defense next season are true, he’ll have to find a Plan B.  He’ll manage.

Speaking of second chances, I guess Columbia is the place where ex-Gator coaches go to… whatever.  McElwain can take some comfort in knowing he’ll have a place to land if things ever go south with Florida.


UPDATE:  This is getting better.  Boom is in the process of blowing up Auburn’s defensive staff.

Secondary coach Travaris Robinson will follow defensive coordinator Will Muschamp to South Carolina, where he will be defensive coordinator, AuburnUndercover has learned.

Robinson, a former All-Southeastern Conference Auburn safety, followed Muschamp from Florida to Auburn a year ago. Robinson was offered a raise and a contract extension to stay at Auburn. It is not clear if he was offered an opportunity to be defensive coordinator.

Muschamp, named Auburn defensive coordinator last Dec. 12, will be introduced Monday as the head coach at South Carolina.

Defensive assistant Lance Thompson also has an offer from South Carolina. It is not certain whether he will take it.

Both Robinson and Thompson are great recruiters.  Gus is gonna have a major rebuild problem on his hands if both leave.


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21 responses to “In Sakerlina, more and more, it’s looking like Boom, MF.

  1. ScoutDawg

    Pruitt to the Barn does NOT leave me all warm and fuzzy. No way no how.


  2. BarneyDawg

    Good news. I was fearful of Rich Rod or Lincoln Riley. Not so much Boom


  3. AusDawg85

    Why does the SEC coaching tree start to look like inbreeding? Feature or bug?


    • Kinda wondered the same thing myself. Fresh blood coming in anywhere this year? Anyone I’m missing?


    • Starting to look like the SEC coaching tree from 1987. Every coach in the SEC in 1987 played in the SEC except for 2. Of those 2 who had not played in the SEC, one of those had been an assistant and coordinator in the SEC for a while. Only 1 coach in the SEC was from outside the conference.


      • Actually need to correct myself. In 1987, every HC except for 1 had played in the SEC. The coach that had not played in the SEC had been a an assistant and coordinator before taking over as a HC at that school.


  4. sectionzalum



  5. 3rdandGrantham

    The SCU board (fgf) has been pure comedy gold as of late. Early last week, there were a few rumblings that perhaps Boom was a candidate after we scooped up Smart. The reaction then almost universally was basically, ‘oh hell no, we don’t want that reject—no way that guy has any chance of being our coach.’

    Fast forward ahead to yesterday, after being rejected by roughly 74 times, suddenly many of those same folks are like, ‘awesome hire! — can’t wait to feel his intensity and btw UF did him wrong!”

    To be fair, quite a few are clearly depressed over this, and SOS seems to be garnering most of the blame for their sudden wreck of a program. Either way, they’ve had a rather rude awakening as to how SCU is perceived nationwide in terms of its potential or pecking order, if you will.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Hey coach, we’re getting an abnormally high number of calls from Georgia Southern, Citadel, Wofford, Middle Tennessee, Charleston Southern, Georgia State, and several others asking if there’s any openings on our schedule.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Georgia State whipped up on the Eagles. Anybody see that happening?


      • Nope. But I’m tickled. I would loved to have been at that game wearing my UGA gear and cheering for State after the how obnoxious the large contingent of jackass Southern fans that surrounded me in section 133 were. We should be through scheduling Southern. We’ve helped them enough and as we’ve seen this year, it’s a no win situation. If we want to help out a little brother we should schedule the original GSU occasionally.


  7. KornDawg

    Damn, I guess they won’t be able to live vicariously through their coach’s history vs UGA anymore.


  8. AthensHomerDawg

    Nice Paul Simon ref.


  9. Dawg Stephen

    Columbia… where ex gator coaches go to finish their careers by quitting in midseason after getting blown out in Athens.


  10. DC Weez

    Not sure why Agent Muschamp keeps getting jobs but I think it’s a wonderful thing. I give him no more than 4 years there.


  11. He’ll be there forever and ever. USC loves these kind of coaches. Thank’s heaven we have some of the Georgia Way remaining, LOL.