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“… but I’m going and I’m going fast.”

Kirby Smart is skipping a Broyles Award private dinner at the Clinton Presidential Library tonight to go see Jacob Eason.

I don’t know about you, but I’d sure be flattered by that.


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“He told us it’s not a big difference between us and Alabama, except the margin of error.”

It doesn’t sound like there was much sugarcoating involved in Kirby Smart’s initial message to his new team.

The talk with the team “wasn’t extremely long,” according to quarterback Greyson Lambert. It was just Smart addressing the team, and one thing he said jumped out to a couple players who were available to the media on Monday.

“He told us it’s not a big difference between us and Alabama, except the margin of error,” sophomore linebacker Davin Bellamy said.

Smart held two fingers an inch apart, according to Blazevich, to signify how close that margin of error is. So the message was that there was basically as much talent in that room as there is at Alabama.

I’m already seeing an emerging theme here with the not extremely long stuff; today’s presser felt like more of the same.  I welcome less happy talk in Athens.

The big question is whether these kids buy in and do so quickly.

“We know we could’ve played better. And we definitely have enough talent to be able to compete with anybody in the SEC,” Bellamy said. “It’s just those little things we need to fix. And I think he’s bringing that to our attention, it kinda got everybody locked in.”

Blazezvich compared it to what strength coaches usually tell players when they’re in the weightroom: Doing that one extra repetition isn’t going to get you stronger by itself, butt doing it enough times will set the right mindset.

“There’s very few people that go the extra mile, that go 110 percent,” Blazevich said. “A lot of people only go 80 percent and nobody can really notice the difference. But the difference is in the results. He’s saying we need to bump it up a lot more. That margin of error is very small and we need to get over that.”

Knowing there’s a problem is the first step towards fixing it.  We shall see.



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A first in the annals of jurisprudence

Steve Sarkisian has sued Southern Cal for wrongful termination.  Not much of a surprise there, I suppose.

But contained in his complaint (see page 8) is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read.

A great moment in the history of American journalism.  Simply boobtastic.


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You’re on a need to know basis.

Old habits die hard.

Hey, at least somebody kept the kids in the loop.


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Somebody sounds ready.

I do believe this.


UPDATE:  Smart killed it at the presser.  Polished, in control.  Saban’s rubbed off in that department.

One thing I liked hearing:

Thanks, Jimmy Sexton.


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I predict great things are coming to Columbia.

With keen insight like this, how could they not?

Sounds like an inverted Spurrier jape.


UPDATE:  Well, one thing hasn’t changed.

He still likes to show his ass about UGA in public.  I guess he thinks this wins him brownie points with the fan base.


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Here ESPN is now, entertain it.

Shorter Alex Scarborough:  Georgia, Missouri and South Carolina, if you’re not going to give me anything sexy to write about, why make a coaching change?


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One nice thing about an expanded bowl field

It ups the embarrassment level significantly.

In games involving teams from this state, Georgia will play Penn State in the TaxSlayer (formerly Gator) Bowl in Jacksonville on Jan. 2, Georgia State will play San Jose State in the inaugural Cure Bowl in Orlando on Dec. 19, and Georgia Southern will play Bowling Green in the GoDaddy Bowl in Mobile, Ala., on Dec. 23.

I don’t know about you, but I like living in a world where Georgia Tech doesn’t make a bowl game and Georgia State does.  It’s… dare I say, Chantastic.


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Now this is how you troll.

Behold, a master at work.

Tell me you’re not thinking about clicking on that link.


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Kirby’s first hire

From Alabama:

Glenn Schumann, who had been a defensive analyst at Alabama, has joined the Bulldogs. Schumann changed his Twitter profile on Monday to say “Assistant Football Coach for the University of Georgia.”

Schumann’s role at Georgia has not been announced. But it’s very clear he will part of the staff in some capacity.

There’s been a lot of background chatter about Schumann, who’s well thought of, apparently.  And he follows a familiar path.

Schumann’s title at Alabama was player development/player personnel. Those were titles that current Georgia assistants Jeremy Pruitt and Kevin Sherrer held while they were at Alabama in the 2000s.


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