Today, Columbia. Tomorrow, the world.

I notice there’s already some chatter in the comment thread about what sort of record we can expect out of the Dawgs in Kirby’s first season.  That’s fine, but based on what South Carolina President Harris Pastides had to say about his new head coach, you guys seriously need to up your expectations game.

USC’s boss, president Harris Pastides, is not willing to wait long for the football team to rebound.

“So is it where we want to be today? No,” Pastides told The State after the former Florida coach was introduced Monday. “But I’m not buying into a three- or five-year turnaround. I want to be back to success next season.”

What does success look like next year?

“Competing for the SEC Eastern (division) championship. I think that’s got to be the proximal goal. Anything less than that to me wouldn’t feel right as a fan. I think given the state of the SEC East without necessarily a consistent, dominant team over the last few years, I think that’s within sight. Coach is going to tell us what his goals are. I’m talking more as a fan about it.”

After Muschamp’s first season, Pastides wants the Gamecocks vying for the SEC title and a spot in the national playoffs.

Well, now.  This is gonna be fun to watch.


UPDATE:  Boom’s got his work cut out for him on the recruiting trail.

Steve Spurrier is a legend and he took the Gamecocks to heights they couldn’t have achieved without him, but he also left the cupboard pretty bare when it comes to roster and current recruiting. The Gamecocks are currently ahead of only Vanderbilt in SEC recruiting for 2016. Coastal Carolina and Georgia Southern have more top 20 South Carolina commitments than South Carolina right now.


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  1. JT (the other one)

    Hmmm….Rich Rod turns down the position based on available talent and I am guessing goals of SCAR…and Boom goes BOOM!


  2. Spike

    Let’s get this party started on hatin’ Boom and the Cocks…


  3. And some fans think Georgia’s fan base is delusional…


    • No one passes the Poultry for delusion.

      I don’t see a lot of help on the way with Clemson in the CFP and Smart recruiting for Georgia.


      • Dabo has built a recruiting machine, for sure. Those top SC players that were going to play for the ‘Cocks are all going to Clemson now. Boom has his work cut out for him to reverse that trend.

        Spurrier really lost focus of recruiting towards the end. Not even just himself, but in the assistant coaches he hired. All my gamecock buddies say they really only had maybe 3 good recruiters on staff. The rest were all good football coaches, but just not good recruiters. Dabo, on the other hand, has been pushing and lobbying for more money from Day 1 to build out a good recruiting operation, and now that it’s had time to pay off, the difference in the two programs is stark. You’ll never convince me that Dabo is a great football mind, but he knows how to build a successful organization around him and manage it. Boom is gonna have a lot of catching up to do.


        • Well stated from a guy in the know over in the Palmetto State


          • LOL don’t give me that much credit. I don’t follow their message boards/blogs etc. But obviously the local sports talk around here is 90% Clemson & SC, and I hear some scuttlebutt from friends. 🙂


            • Bulldog Joe

              Spurrier turned over the recruiting operation to his son a few years back.

              If Clemson wins it all, Dabo should buy them both a pizza.


              • paul

                And Spurrier himself said that he resigned after sitting down with his sons to evaluate their recruiting class. Once he realized that his presence (and theirs) was actually hurting the team, not helping, he knew it was time to go.


  4. The Nelson Puppet

    I think delusion is woven into the DNA in South Carolina. On their rivals board they’re bragging how Muschamp was a better hire than CKS.


  5. Just Some Guy

    I hate those little animated smiley face images that you see on a lot of low-quality Internet forums, but if there was ever a time to use the one with the little faces rolling around and laughing so hard they’re crying, this would be the one time it’s appropriate here.


  6. Uglydawg

    Is Boom getting a membership at Augusta National? Isnt that part of the Game Cocks package? What if his head explodes when he misses a putt…and they have Boom brains scattered all over the green? Or does his face just swell up when it’s someone else’s fault? Who’s gonna’ caddy for him? Rodney Dangerfield is dead.


  7. Spike

    Just wait till some of the parents and grandparents of these recruits get a load of Boom and his bedside manner.


    • Uglydawg

      LOL. Can you imagine Boom having a kid almost convinced to play for him and then the kid’s old grandma comes into the kitchen and tells the kid she wants him to “go play for that nice man at Georgia”, or “Clemson”?
      Booms face starts to swell up and turns bright red and scares the whole family so bad that they all run out of the house. BOOM goes the Muskrat!


  8. John Denver is full of shit...

    Is he talking about USC or USC?


  9. Go Dawgs!

    Steve Spurrier could not take South Carolina further than a single SEC Eastern Division title, and lifting the program to that level was truly a Herculean effort. This guy thinks his new coach can rearrange the rubble left behind by the past few seasons in Columbia and craft a division winner? He thinks South Carolina can EVER participate in a national playoff, much less IN YEAR TWO?

    Good luck, Coach Boom. You’re gonna need it.


    • Sh3rl0ck

      Spurrier’s single SEC East title only happened in a fluke year where UGA, UT, and UF were are historic lows. That USCe team finished the season 9-5.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Recruiting is going to be a huge challenge for them.

    Plus, Will is going to have to go ‘Butch Jones’ on a significant part of his current roster to get the numbers he needs.

    I don’t see Muschamp being mature enough or Ray Tanner or Pastides as being strong enough to handle the infighting that is sure to come from this.


  11. Mike

    That IS a bit delusional, especially given how Agent Muschamp nearly destroyed Florida.

    That said, what are the expectations from the Bulldog Nation regarding Smart’s first, second and third year?

    I don’t think McElwain did Smart of Muschamp any favors by winning the SEC East in his first year, with less than stellar talent of offense. But his performance is the standard by which Smart and Muschamp will be judged.


  12. ClydeBoogie

    Remember the scene in the movie The 300 where one of the young guys is killed and his dad goes crazy with this wild blood lust. I think Agent Muschamp is there with his desire to destroy all our rivals from within….bless his crazy little heart.


  13. Cousin Eddie

    This years class will be his ultimate doom if it does not improve. In year 3 and 4 (assuming he is given that long) he will be needing this years class to be his Jr and Sr classes and without the talent and numbers it will not be easy. Then the next coach will come in with the talent Boom brings in a look great.