“The members are going to have to figure out, what’s the purpose of bowl games?”

NCAA President Mark Emmert told reporters Wednesday at the IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum. “Is it a reward for a successful season or is it just another game that we’re going to provide an opportunity for?”

Coming from the guy who was more than willing to pimp out another round of March Madness to any network that would pay for it, that’s rich.

Oh, and Mark?  Have you checked with ESPN to see how Mickey feels about cutting back the bowls?


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4 responses to ““The members are going to have to figure out, what’s the purpose of bowl games?”

  1. Russ

    I’m just pissed that they aren’t going to broadcast all of them nationally. 40 bowls, but I guess I can only see 39 of them?


  2. Dolly Llama

    For some, a reward for a successful season. For some, just another opportunity to participate. Only the schools themselves can decipher the difference. Unless they’re Georgia Tech. Heck. Neither one. Because they were not one but two games short of a bowl. HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHHAHA


  3. Don’t misread his statements. He’s laying the groundwork for another week of the regular season there, I think, followed by bowl games for EVERYONE.

    After all, all you have to do is deny college football fans the opportunity to see games for a week or two, and people will watch the 4th place team from the MAC play the 5th place Sunbelt team in the Depeche Mode Fashion Bowl in Calgary.


  4. “We have to make sure 6-6 teams are rewarded,” Harlan said.

    Huh? We “have to”? Why?

    Rewarded for what? Mediocrity?