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Beyond Crompton

I had this pop up in my Twitter feed the other day.

True.  But sometimes there’s a difference between high-powered and effective.  For example, Georgia’s two teams that won SEC titles under Mark Richt finished 35th and 19th nationally in offensive yards per play.  Pedestrian, perhaps, but good enough under the circumstances. Both of those teams went as far as they did based on great defenses and special teams.

Maybe Smart thinks that’s still a winning formula.



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Can Jim Chaney coach quarterbacks?

Behold the career passer ratings of one Nathan Peterman:

  • 2013:  42.53
  • 2014:  70.58
  • 2015:  141.06

Peterman’s 2013 start against Florida (passer rating:  3.82) was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from an SEC quarterback.  You could make an argument that his relief stint against Georgia in 2014 cost Tennessee the game.  Yet this year as Pittsburgh’s starter, he’s managed a remarkably consistent season.

So, yeah, I’d say so.  And that’s even before you begin tossing out Drew Brees’ name.



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