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The odd couple

I’d like to be a fly on the wall in this office.


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How ’bout that dog

It looks like the Pittman household’s already got one leg up (or four legs down, if you prefer) on his new gig.




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“Coach Smart isn’t available right now, so please leave a message after the beep.”

As Georgia’s new head coach prepares to leave Athens for Tuscaloosa in the next day or so, it’s worth remembering that, while recruiting enters the dead period for the next few weeks, dead doesn’t mean completely dead.  It just means no face to face contact with recruits.

The dead period is the most restrictive. No in-person contact is allowed, even if a prospect makes a visit to the college campus. Written and electronic communications are still permitted.

And yet, prospects still do decide to commit to schools in late December and early January, often because they’ve considered all their options, taken all their visits, and are ready to pull the trigger.

Juggling act coming up, in other words.  We’re about to find out how good Smart’s support structure at this early point is exactly.


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“Georgia’s just different. …”

Rush Probst, on the coaching changes at Alabama and Georgia:

“No question Kirby makes more of an impact than Mark,” Propst explained. “Mark had grown tired of the bureaucracy of that was going on. … The fan base was very patient with Mark. They were a lot more patient than they would be at Alabama or Auburn. Georgia’s just different. …

“For Jeremy to go back to his home state to be a defensive coordinator is very important to him. Let me say this about Jeremy – and he won’t say this – but he wanted it to work at Georgia. He wanted to bring Georgia back to the heyday of the 80s. … When mama calls, it’s hard to say no.”

Say what you will about Probst personally, as a summary of what’s gone down, that’s fairly accurate.  Although the unanswered question is whether the conditions that wore on Richt have changed for Smart.


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Shut up and play.

A bill has been introduced in the Missouri legislature that “Provides that any college athlete on scholarship who refuses to play for a reason unrelated to health shall have his or her scholarship revoked”.

Because, freedom.

(h/t Bill Connelly)




UPDATE #2:  The bill’s author has it in for Gary Pinkel, too.

The bill, which as of Monday night had yet to be posted in full, would also fine a head coach for siding with the players in such a situation. Brattin criticized Pinkel for aligning with his players. Shortly after doing so, Pinkel retired due to health reasons.

“Whenever they go and refuse to play and hold our school and our organization hostage by refusal, it’s completely ridiculous,” Brattin said. “I shouldn’t even have to be sponsoring a bill like this.

“What a disgrace to Missouri.”

He continued: “I think it falls squarely upon the coach who gave the anointed blessing to this type of behavior. If they want to engage in this type of behavior, do it on their own time.”


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