“Damn it, Coach Whatever-Your-Name-Is!”

We’re about to find out how deep Georgia’s 2015 coaching bench really is.

The Taxslayer Bowl may be the first time I’ve ever needed a current roster to keep track of who’s coaching instead of who’s playing.


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16 responses to ““Damn it, Coach Whatever-Your-Name-Is!”

  1. Jared S.

    I would love for this to be Georgia’s best game of the season.


  2. I will have to print out the roster and the coaching staff, just to keep up.


  3. Just Some Guy

    I think BMAC should open up a twitter account so that the fans can coach one unit.


  4. sectionzalum

    didn’t 3 grad assistants coach in the game after willie martinez was let go at the end o the regular season he and coach directional-kicking left at a minimum


  5. Looks like the Bowl between 2 teams who lost a lot of teeth during the season or never had their dentures fixed.


  6. Semper Fi Dawg

    I’m rooting for more attrition so we can get some “celebrity” coaches in there like Wayne Knight or Michael Stipe


  7. Sh3rl0ck

    Any word on where Mike Ekeler is going? Marc Weiszer is reporting he has accepted another position, FootballScoop is reporting that he is pursuing a DC position elsewhere, but… no one mentions “where”.