Pleading poverty ain’t like it used to be.

You know how people like to say only 20 colleges make a profit from sports?

I’m thinking that number’s gonna have to be revised in the near future.

Athletic departments that generate at least $100 million in revenue used to be incredibly rare. Only Texas, Ohio State and Florida exceeded $100 million in 2007-08. As recently as 2011-12, just 11 schools comprised the $100 million club.

The infusion of College Football Playoff dollars and increased television money continues to change the landscape of college sports. During 2014-15, 28 athletic departments listed at least $100 million in revenue, according to a CBS Sports analysis of recently released figures reported to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education.

Eighteen of the 28 schools at $100 million play in the SEC or Big Ten. Athletic departments in those conferences averaged more than $100 million in revenue, widening the financial gaps between the SEC and Big Ten with everyone else. Ten of the 19 biggest moneymakers last year came from the SEC. Texas reported the most revenue at $179.6 million, followed by Ohio State ($170.9 million) and Alabama ($150.6 million).

There’s a reason all those 1-AA schools keep looking to jump up to D-1.  That’s where the money is.




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2 responses to “Pleading poverty ain’t like it used to be.

  1. Russ

    Auburn will still lose money. Strange this is, I’m starting to believe them with all the buyouts they’re paying…and will be paying after next season.


  2. watcher16

    Wow we are on par with Arkansas and barely ahead of SCar? How is that possible?