Fabris Pool nudge

Just a friendly reminder that bowl games start tomorrow, so don’t forget to sign up and start picking.


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6 responses to “Fabris Pool nudge

  1. AusDawg85

    Love the chance to watch more college ball, but total apathy about the bowl matchups. So I’ve checked all the teams on the the left hand side. Anyone want to pick all those on the right and see who wins?


  2. Silver Creek Dawg

    Is there any way I can pick against Notre Dame AND Ohio State?


  3. Gravidy

    I filled mine out, and I have my usual level of confidence in my picks…


  4. Uglydawg

    It’s hard to tell about Bowl Games. Some teams don’t practice hard or take the game seriously, some play like their lives depend on it….Some have hiccups after the long layoff….finesse teams would seem to be more prone to that.
    In the regular season, if I don’t have a clue, I’ll usually pick the home team..in the Bowl games, “home team” might not be within a thousand miles of the venue.
    It’s a crap-shoot, but it’s free..and the prizes are amazing. First prize is a round of golf with the prez….Second prize is two rounds of golf with him.


  5. Cash Dawg

    What is the name of the league and password…sorry!


  6. tony bell

    dawg39:  I am supposed to be at 7&4 Not 5&6.I picked Arizona & App. State to win.  ?.